Trainer of the Month-Chris Wilson

Chris first contacted me in October of 2012 inquiring about the CF101 classes that were going to start in November. Chris had been stationed in Afghanistan (Thank You for your service!) and had experience in weightlifting and the like…I met him on that Monday evening and we were going through the squat series and I vividly remember the look on his face of “I think I’m ready to WOD now” look…Once that class was finished, I talked to him and we did an “Express 101” and he started classes shortly after. 🙂 Chris excelled fast and quickly showed that he was a force to be reckoned with…his knowledge with lifting coupled with his background in athletics led to him becoming a trainer at CFU. Chris has been a trainer for nearly 2 years as well as helping in the strength department after asking him to take on the Strength WOD’s at the box; this has been very welcomed by Belinda 😉 I look forward to seeing all of the athletes getting stronger through the guidance of Chris and his knowledge. Below is a little background on “Wilson”…

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Chris Wilson

Age: 28
Swolemate: Nicole Benne
Children: My pitty Zeus, and adopted pup Molly
Career: Currently I am going back to school at Mizzou to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  I will be applying to the accelerated nursing program this fall with hopes that I’ll be accepted and graduated in 2017.  Besides coaching classes, programming the strength and Advanced Workouts at CFU I am a bartender at Paddy Malone’s Irish Pub, and an Assistant Manager at the Washington Park Ice Arena.  I have been working at Paddy’s for almost 2 years, and I started working at the ice arena the week of Thanksgiving 2014. If that wasn’t enough, I am also the Company Commander for the 294th Engineer Company in Carthage, Missouri.  I have been in charge of the company for a little over a year now.
Hobbies/Extracurriculars:  I enjoy furthering my self education on nutrition, programming, strength training, and anything that involves weight training (surprise, surprise).  During the warmer months I enjoy being outside as much as possible fishing, swimming, walking around, etch.  During the colder months you can find me playing pick up hockey when I have the time.  I played ice hockey here in Jeff City for about 15 years, so I enjoy playing whenever I can.
I started at CFU in November (?) of 2012.  I know Molly Bax was in my 101 class.  Pretty much from the beginning I wanted to become a trainer.  I would tell Debbie that if she needed someone to cover for her I’d be willing.  When I first started training the main reason was to help people achieve their goals through CrossFit.  It has been almost 2 years since I passed my Level 1 test, and this is still my main reason to be a trainer, but in a close second now is to become an expert in every lift, and perfect my technique so that it is perfect.
My favorite lifts/movements are the Olympic lifts.  I love how technical they are, and how you can work for weeks, months or even years to fine tune your technique and still find something that will require attention.  They are extremely humbling lifts.  However, I am finding a new affection for the gymnastics movements.  My favorite workouts tend to be the longer, heavier barbell workouts.  I can grind through those pretty well.
As I stated earlier, I want to perfect the Olympic weightlifting movements, and this includes their accessory movements like the overhead squat.  I would also like to complete a 50’ handstand walk.
If I had any advice it would be  don’t be afraid to fail.  In order to fail you have to push yourself to your boundaries and past them.  In order to that you have to lift heavy.  Also, read up on topics your interested in.  If that doesn’t interest you watch YouTube videos.  Even just five minutes a night will help you.  If you want to achieve your goals you must not be afraid to fail, and you have to advance your self education.  If you do not you will become frustrated and plateau.


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