Transformation Tuesday-Brent Scrivner

Congrats Brent on your one-year CFU Anniversary yesterday! When I look at you and all of the other members who have been with CFU for that amount of time and then some, I see dedicated and special people. Like Brent states below, I met his wife, Shelly in college(volleyball and sorority 🙂 ) and I’m glad she “drug” Scriv in for the BOGO special we had that month!
Scriv says he’s lost a few pounds, I happen to know it’s more than a few…but the most important thing is HIS Transformation and how he feels about himself. When going through a transformation it is good to see the outward changes, but it’s even BETTER to feel the inner changes!

Thank you Scriv for your humor and friendship at CFU! You are a Blessing! 🙂

I will start this out by stating my belief that there is no before and after as we all see advertised everywhere in the weight loss and fitness industry. Everything we do in our lives is during our life and sometimes we find ourselves in some state of being junk. I could map all the things I was and wasn’t doing to take care of myself, but suffice it to say in 2013, my physical and mental self was beat up and beat down at the same time.
My wife played college volleyball with Debbie and she, Shelly, was the one that actually started the CrossFit conversation and had been talking with Debbie. In my typical way, I started to do research and was one that thought these people are out of my league, but I also was determined that something needed to change. Shelly and I showed up on December 1, 2013. Unfortunately for her, those old volleyball knees didn’t cooperate, but I’m confident she will bring that store bought knee to the box someday.
I remember the first day being a little nervous and couldn’t figure out why I was nervous, but I settled in quickly. Here is where I could go on about the CFU community, but you’ve heard all that, but it is true. The reality of why I’ve stuck with CrossFit for a year is because I was mad. I was mad that I was in the shape I was in; I was not 25 years old, strong and fit. I remember those first WODs where I was in pain, half nauseous and foaming at the mouth, but knowing that I was getting better. And this is what I love about CrossFit; seeing those PRs from myself and others.
I could go on about Kool-Aid and all the CrossFit perceptions that get posted on Facebook, yes; I have fallen into most of those categories. What sets this experience apart during my life is that my perception of myself is changed. Although I don’t always do the things perfectly outside of the box that I should be doing, I feel that what I do is on my terms. My perception of life is different and I’m enjoying it more.
As most of you know, I sign the board as Scriv, my alter ego, or perhaps just a nickname. As for transformations, I have enjoyed getting to know the people at the box and have enjoyed seeing how people have gotten to know me. Yes, I know I’m a smart aleck and yes, I know I can seem intense sometimes, but I really just like to laugh and be funny, even if I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny. Part of this experience is not taking life too seriously because no one gets out alive, we might as well enjoy the ride.
My family is the main reason for needing to be stronger and fit. My daughter is 10 and as I’ve mentioned to a few people and on the CFU Members site, I will turn 50 next year. I’ve set goals for myself to get even better and although the goals have timelines, it’s all during and I will continue to look further ahead. This piece is supposed to be about transformation…yes, I’ve lost a few pounds, but mostly I’m better and stronger and that is what feels so great, but my transformation is ongoing and is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical, but the latter breeds the former.
One last note and you can quote me or steal it for your own, “This S*** Works.”



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