Transformation Tuesday-Dana Davis


May of 2013 I went with my sister for our first annual sister vacation to Florida. Or course once you

get there you have to get your picture taken in the surf! When I saw my picture I hardly recognized

myself. When did things get so out of hand? I had never been the skinny girl, but never this size. With a

busy schedule, working full time, keeping up with my house and mirrors that were only head high it

was easy not to look and see the changes going on.

I told my sister on the way home that I would be in better shape for the 2014 trip to Florida. Having

said that, it meant I really had to do something to follow thru on it. Plus I was turning 50 in October

2014! It still took my a few months to get up the nerve to contact Coach Roz. Especially since I knew

her already thru work ( we print her t shirts ) and other people.

So I sent her a text and got set up with the 101 classes. Walking thru the front door for the first time is

very intimidating, even more so when you are overweight, shy and don’t know anybody – yet. The new

people at the class were a range of sizes, so that helped. My first real class I fell over doing the ball

slams when I tried to squat to get the ball, oops ( not embarrassing at all!! ). But with the help &

support of the trainers and others in the class, I learned new things and relearned things I used to know

how to do. Scaling is a good thing for everyone, but it is hard to overcome in your head why you need

to scale. Once you get past that mentally, the better you actually are. So, I was able to make it to classes

from Sept. to Nov. Actually participated in not one but two 5k’s during that time! Then we hit our busy

season at work and lost some employees at the same time so I was not making it to the classes due to

our schedule. It was hit and miss after the new year to get to class. Then Coach started the Couch to Fit

in the spring of 2014. With the base of Crossfit started and these classes I started to lose more weight,

had more energy. Then classes stopped due to not enough people – ugh I was just getting into the

groove. Did some more 5 k’s ( who is this person?) kept at the lifestyle change. Then the classes started

again for Couch to Fit in Jan. 2015 – I was so excited! It is not only the exercise you are getting at the

class but the encouragement and fun from the other ladies and the coaches that make you glad you

made it to class. I actually look forward to going to each class! And with these classes I will be able to

transition back to Crossfit in the future.

I have lost over 50 lbs and 3 sizes in clothes and have maintained that for over a year. Made new

friends along the way. Found some muscles I forgot I had. I feel better, even my skin feels softer and

smoother. I am a work in progress, as my workout shirt says “ I run, I am slower than a herd of turtles

stampeding thru peanut butter, but I run” that pretty much sums it up for me.

You never realize how strong you are and what you can do until you try. Thanks to everyone who has

helped me to continue my journey. I would not be this far without you.

Dana has indeed come a long way in the last two years! I’m so happy that she continues to walk through CFU’s door and also searches out ways to better herself every day! Keep up the Awesome work, Dana! We are Very proud of you! 🙂



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