Transformation Tuesday-Jennie Vogt

Favorite movements: Double Unders, Oly Lifts and Sledge Hammer Strikes
Least Favorite:  Wallballs and Thrusters (but I still show up!)

My name is Jennie Vogt. I am married to my wonderful  husband, Mick, for almost 17 years now, and we have three beautiful girls – Sydney 12, Hannah 9, and Landrie 5.  I teach computers part time at Trinity Lutheran School, and I work from home part time as well.

I began my CrossFit Journey in Jan of 2012, one week before we were moving to our “new” old house that we were rehabbing ourselves.  My youngest wasn’t quite 2, I was busy and stressed out, and did not have time to work out. I was a Globogym treadmill/ elliptical drone, but hated every second of it, so I rarely went, and it wasn’t working. I was very unhappy with the shape that I had allowed myself to decline into. I had hip, knee, and back issues, and just felt awful much of the time. I knew Debbie from Trinity, and she had “casually” invited me to try CrossFit again and again.  Debbie is the kind of person that you don’t want to let down, so I thought, “Fine. I will go and try it because Debbie wants me to, and because all of the other CrossFitters seem so darn happy.”
The first day I walked in, I had the time wrong and walked in during the 5:30 wod. I saw all of those people doing all of those things, and thought, I will just leave because no one saw me.  Just then I heard, “Hey Jennie Vogt! See you in an hour!”  There was no escaping it – she saw me!!  My Intro class had us doing barbell work and squats and I thought, “Yes! I remember exercise!”  Our first WOD was about 5 minutes long and included sit ups. After three kids, and zero ab work, I could barely do one. I was so disappointed in myself! I was determined to not give up.  I will not lie – that first year I barely made it 3 times a week.  I always had my clothes in my car, but often life would get in the way and I couldn’t make the WOD times. It was a struggle. I went through a small depression/realization thinking “Am I ever going to be able to get some momentum going with this, and am I going to be this sore for the rest of my life??”
Fast Forward two years – I am a work in progress. I try to make it 4 times a week minimum, and the weeks that I make it 5 times are just the best. It is just the absolute best part of my day. I still battle the “I’m not strong enough to lift that” voice that is in my head, but I’m getting there. I LOVE what CrossFit has done for me. I am Stronger, Fitter, Healthier, and Happier than ever. I don’t have a scale, so I can’t tell you anything about pounds lost, but I wear smaller clothes (usually workout clothes for anyone who knows me). I feel like I am a better mom, wife, and fellow human on this Earth because CrossFit found me.  I cannot imagine my life without CFU, and that CrossFit family – (especially my 8:30am people). I joke all the time that Debbie is going to have to keep this going until she is 90 because I need it in my life, and will never stop.  I encourage anyone to come try this crazy CrossFit thing – it will change your life in more ways than one!  Debbie – I cannot thank you enough for changing my life!  God Bless you!
When I first talked to Jennie, AKA “Sledge” (because her love for slamming sledgehammers 🙂 ) about writing her transformation story, she said, “But I don’t have a transformation body!” (Yes, you do Jennie!) I explained that I could see the changes in her attitude as well as her physical changes and CrossFit isn’t just about one thing, but many things all rolled into one…you can have the right body, mind, and soul and I definitely feel that Jennie has reached that place. She is one of the most positive CFUers around with her contagious smile! And her girls are dolls and one of these days we’re going to get Mick back in there! 😉  Keep up the GREAT work, Sledge!


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