Transformation Tuesday-Kim Hoelscher

Congrats Kim on your Transformation so far!! You are doing AMAZING things at CrossFit Unstoppable! 🙂

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Where do I begin…..
In November 2018, my daughter started going to Unstoppable Volleyball Academy on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. Since we live about 25 minutes away, I would either run errands or sit in the car for over an hour and wait for her to finish. While I was sitting there, I would see people come outside and run to the Boulevard, go back inside for a while, and come back out for another run……over and over and over. I was curious, but I didn’t dare go inside because it was CrossFit….. I only knew enough about CrossFit to know that these people were hardcore athletes….and I would NOT fit in! So – I continued night after night, week after week, sitting in my car and waiting for my daughter to finish her volleyball class. Until…….on December 6th, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot.
That evening, I joined a friend for a free drop-in session to see what it was all about.  Before starting the workout, I was intimidated by the CrossFit language, the amount of movements in one workout, and what equipment I needed.  All the members knew what they were doing and I had no clue.  Coach Debbie and my friend took time to help me get set up for the workout.  When the workout started, I quickly caught on and oddly loved every sweaty minute of it.  I was amazed by the atmosphere and support of everyone there. I immediately felt welcomed. The members took time to stop me and welcome me, give me a fist bump and tell me good job.  Immediately after the workout, I decided to join CFU.  My original intention was to just workout on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while my daughter attended Debbie’s volleyball academy.  But after doing my 101 session with Debbie and realizing what I was capable of…..I was excited to work hard and achieve my fitness goals.  Little did I know how much I would love CrossFit and coming to the Box on just Tuesday and Thursday evenings was NOT an option!  I was addicted!!
Most recently, CFU held an InBody Challenge. During those 6 weeks, I stepped up my workouts from 2-3 days a week to 5 days a week and kept my nutrition dialed in…..with the occasional splurge here and there.  And the results…..I lost 8 pounds, increased my skeletal muscle mass by nearly 2 pounds, and lost 7% body fat!!!!! I was blown away!!! I’m still blown away!!  When I entered the challenge, I did not expect much of a change, but figured it would hold me accountable. Was I ever wrong!  I’m amazed at how CrossFit has changed my body, and I cannot wait to see where it will take me in the future.
Since starting at CrossFit Unstoppable in December, I have lost 20 pounds, but more importantly I have gained muscle mass and decreased my overall body fat percentage. Every week, I feel stronger and faster.  I can do things now that I never thought I could do….like rope climbs and box jumps.  And, I’ve set new goals of doing pull-ups without a band and handstand push-ups (without falling this time).  And, I know, in time I will get there because of the CFU family and community that surrounds you and helps you achieve your goals.  They cheer you on and push you when you don’t think you can push any harder.  And then, when you reach your goals, they are there to give you a high-five and tell you “great job”!
Now, I realize I DO fit in!  CrossFit is functional fitness.  It is designed for everyone regardless of age, weight, athletic ability or level.  I cannot believe the changes I am seeing in such a short time, and cannot wait to see what’s yet to come. Everyone at CFU is amazing and I’m so glad I have their support, because it’s their support that got me here in the first place.  Emoji



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