Transformation Tuesday-Molly Bax


 I started Crossfit October 2012 when Avery was 2 months old. Mike had started Crossfit that summer and really enjoyed it. We had both been looking for something different. We had belonged to the YMCA and done P90X prior, but were looking for something we were motivated to do and not the same boring routine. I was a little nervous starting especially after just having Avery, my core was pretty weak. I was in average shape, but soon got my butt handed to me just from the 101 when I could hardly sit down after all those dang squats!

When Coach asked if I would write a Transformation Tuesday story I was thinking I dont really have a transformation to write about. I hadnt lost a lot of weight; in fact I actually weigh more now than I did then. So, I started thinking about myself 2 ½ years ago and looked through my old WOD book. I came to the realization I am for sure a different person physically and mentally. 

On October 30, 2012 I did a scaled version of Nancy. RX is 5 rounds 400m run and 15 OHS at 95/65.  I did 4 rounds of the old blvd run and 10 OHS at 20# in 17:12 and thought I was going to DIE!  I distinctly remember being flat on my back thinking why am I trying to kill myself.  After stumbling to my car in a daze, I said to myself I know I can beat that next time!  

Today I have no reservations of doing that WOD RX and though I may still occasionally think what am I doing in a WOD, that little voice is soon quieted. Now that little voice changes to Just keep swimming” or they are still moving, so you can too.  With the help of the trainers and other Crossfitters I’ve learned how to do new movements that once were very intimidating. They have also made it easier to do things I don’t want to do like run. It is so much easier to get your butt kicked when you are with other supportive people who want to be stronger and fitter too.  Without my Crossfit family, I would still be in average shape.

Before Crossfit my only way to measure my fitness was what the scale said and what the number on my pants said. Now I try to embrace the fact that I have a larger butt and thighs, and sometimes get stuck in a shirt when trying to take it off because my shoulders are broader.  The numbers I look at today are different.  I can now run a 5K without stopping, back squat 195#(man I wanted 200), clean and jerk 130#, and climb a 15′ rope.  These numbers may not be impressive to others, but they are to the me 2 years ago.

Molly has been a great role model for all the ladies at CFU! She is one of the gals I “chase” in a workout because I always know that she is pushing herself whole heartedly in the WOD. Molly has never shied away from a challenge and I have no doubt she will hit that 200# on the back squat because her will and determination will get her there! Congrats Molly on being BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! 🙂


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