Transformation Tuesday-Norma Dearixon

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Norma Dearixon

This weeks Transformation Tuesday is my sister…she tells her story from her heart and I know in my heart that God was in on this whole deal…He definitely has a great way of changing lives. I have watched Norma go from that person who was not an athlete (she talks about her first workout below 😉 ) to a gal who is strong, more confident, and is willing to try anything you put before her. She has been a godsend to me in more ways than one and I’m super proud of how far she has come and excited where she’s going…Keep up the great work AND Keep the Faith! 🙂

I’m going to give a little pre story to my transformation beginning because without this, I truly believe I would not be where I am today.

For those of you that don’t know, Coach, Belinda, Debbie, and the 14 others and I are sisters. I received an answer to my prayer on November 2, 2012 when I got the message Debbie had called. I had prayed, while being the caregiver of our mom, for God to send a sibling to help me. Little did I know, he would send one that I had never talked to. God works in mysterious ways.
He knows what and when you need it.  From that day forward, Debbie and I began to build a bond as sisters that will never be broken.

Within the first couple of days, Debbie had invited me to a CrossFit Unstoppable (CFU) 101 class. I had no idea what CrossFit meant or what it was.

A little history of who I was in November 2012 (because yes I’m no longer that person), I weighed 243#s, very shy and timid person, was supposed to be on medication for high cholesterol and water retention, physically out of shape and no exercise other than a walk in over 25 years, not one that ever took time for herself and a little unstable mentally because of preparing to lose our mom,who was my best friend, to cancer.

After talking with my husband, I will never forget him saying, “don’t let that door shut.” So going way out of my comfort zone, off I went to my CFU 101 class. I remember us all being in a circle doing what Debbie called “mobility” but I had other words for it because I was so out of shape and sweating. When I look back now and think about it, they were just little stretches. I remember getting ready to do our first workout (WOD) 5-6 min AMRAP that consisted of jump roping and squats at least. I was doing good, nice and slow and then I picked up the jump rope. I went to jump and landed on my rear and almost did a somersault in front of the whole class along with the members getting ready for the next class. Debbie suggested I stay on floor and do sit-ups. My reason behind sharing that piece, that I didn’t feel uncomfortable falling and I laughed all the way home about it.

Here I am in October 2014, 70#s lighter, no medication for high cholesterol or water retention, stronger than I ever thought I could be both mentally and physically, I smile more, I believe in myself, and I’m not the quiet, shy, timid person that I once was.

My accomplishments over the past 2 years; bonding with my sister, growing and developing relationships with new friends who I also consider my family at CFU, learning to eat healthier and taking care of myself, making time for myself, being able to complete a WOD at a prescribed scale, finishing a 5K, receiving a medal for placing in a 5K, and finishing a 1/2 marathon.

I’m still in the middle of my transformation as I have goals and dreams to reach! So my work is not done.

My plea to anyone out there that is questioning if this is for you, please try a class. I joke and always say, I can make anyone at CFU look good and I say that with a smile. I’m a slow learner but I eventually get it. That’s what makes CFU so awesome is because this place is for anyone!
I love encouraging and rooting for members to keep pushing through the WODs. It just really makes you feel good on the inside knowing you helped someone.

Members and trainers at CFU are the most friendliest welcoming people I have ever met. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and get out of that comfort zone and accomplish the unthinkable. Such an awesome feeling.

I thank God for my family that allows me to do this, my sister and her invite to CFU, my CFU family and this opportunity to be able to have the determination, will and want to be ‘Better than Yesterday’.


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