Transformation Tuesday-Penney Rector

This week’s Transformation Tuesday is Penney Rector…I met Penney in the fall of 2013; I knew that she was acquainted with Fred and Sarah as Lauren & Natalie hung out together because of the softball team. I suppose after some “gentle” coaxing from the rest of the Rosslan’s and Lauren’s excitement, Penney finally bit the bullet and went through her CF101. Penney is a prime example of determination as she sets a goal in mind and she goes for it! I have enjoyed getting to know Penney and the whole Rector family! Thank you for a being a Blessing to CFU and congrats on your success!

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Married: Craig Rector, over 23 years

Children:  Reed 17, Lauren 15 and Riley 10

Age: 49

Occupation:  Legal Counsel and Human Resources Director for the Jefferson City Public Schools

In the fall of 2013 I started dropping my daughter off at the box for softball conditioning.  She was quickly bitten by the bug and was very excited about Crossfit (thanks to the Rosslan family).  After about three months, I decided to give it a try.  I was skeptical, to say the least.  I thought I would try it for a couple of months, hate it, and give up.  Up to that point, the longest I had stuck with any exercise program was a year, with 6 months being more common for me.  During my 1-1 with Coach Debbie, I was certain that I was going to die.  Not only did I have no coordination, but no upper body strength.  I committed to attending twice a week.  Then, after 6-8 months, Coach suggested that I give her 3-4 days per week.  Then, 4-5 days per week.

The people make the difference!  The support, friendship, accountability and genuine concern for others keep me going and help me make the 5:15 a.m. class most mornings.  On the days I opt to work out with my children, I miss the dark and early crew.  I vividly recall an early WOD when I was making a last “run” up the hill and thinking about walking.  Chris Wilson came jogging down the hill to run with me.  I was impressed that he was willing to go the extra mile.  We see this daily at CFU.

Through Crossfit, I have gained physical strength, confidence, friendships and have lost a few pounds along the way.  My entire family has joined, and we occasionally get to work out together – a bonus.   Crossfit challenges me to try new things and to push the limits on what an almost 50 years old woman can do.   I am my healthiest self and, for the first time, I am confident in my appearance.

Favorites:  deadlifts and power cleans

Need to Work On:  burpees and OHS


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