Transformation Tuesday~Debbie Rosslan

Transformation Tuesday-Debbie Rosslan

I decided to put up my own Transformation story today because today marks my 5th anniversary of taking a stand to “walk the walk” not just talk the talk…5 ½ yrs ago I clearly remember going on vacation with the kids and Jerry to Gulf Shores and wearing a t-shirt as a cover up to hide the 210# of yuck (to me…); I had given up on myself and was in a rut…not happy about myself, where I was going, and what I needed to do. I began that school year in my usual depressed funk and was miserable. I knew that something had to be done because why was a PE teacher sitting on her rear telling the kids to run laps when she wasn’t doing a darn thing to better herself.

I wrote a letter to Jerry (sometimes I have a hard time verbally communicating my thoughts) telling him that I needed to take on the Body for Life Challenge in order to get my life back. Luckily, I found the encouragement and support through him and my kids (though they still thought I was crazy!) So it began on Dec. 9, 2009 when I logged into the BFL Guestbook; an online support chat room so to speak and I told “them” that I was beginning a new challenge and would appreciate any support. BFL stresses 5-6 clean meals per day along with lifting 3x per week and cardio 3x per week. I knew this would work as I had previously completed a challenge in 2001 following this method. So I trudged on beginning at a weight of 203#…the challenge was 12 weeks and I was excited to see where I would be because I had never been that focused. At the end of the 12 weeks I had lost 25# and 20 inches!

Holy Smokes, I was hooked…I then got into running that spring entering my first 5K; all I wanted to do was finish and not walk. Mission accomplished! Received my first 5K medal and was then kinda addicted to getting that time down and winning the hardware. I went through another challenge diligently losing another 13# and 13 inches and people started wondering what the heck I was doing. I would share here and there, but still had some self-confidence issues on who I was “becoming”. I decided on another challenge in June of 2010, but I just didn’t have the drive for it; I was stuck, but didn’t want to fall backwards.

That’s when one of my BFL friends I met via the chat room told me she was going to try this “new thing” called CrossFit in her town. I had never heard of it so I googled it and saw that they had CFKids and I was stoked because maybe I could use some of those types of ideas for my PE classes. Little did I know that just after my friend took her fundamentals class that I would be trying workouts in my basement to see how I would compare to her AND how far I could push myself!

So my 3rd challenge was a mixture of BFL and CrossFit where though I only lost 3#, I went from a 24.9% body fat to a 16.2% in 12 weeks. Adding weight training and changing/tweaking my diet caused dramatic changes in my body composition and since then, though I’m not at the weight I was in 2010, I believe I’m the most fit I’ve been my entire life. The BEST part though is where my mindset has gone…

I went from a depressed, in a funk PE teacher to someone who wanted to share the “secret of fitness” to everyone! That is when I held a meeting with mostly Trinity moms in the school gym…I had about 40 attendees and I so wanted every one of them to take on a BFL challenge. I made out handouts of nutrition and exercise and let them have at it, but I still wasn’t reaching them. That is when I had this crazy notion of becoming a CrossFit trainer which was March 2011…I never had the belief in myself of owning my own facility, I just wanted to train people so that’s when the idea of “BCB’s”(Boot Camp Babes) came about…I started doing some boot camps in the spring of 2011 and things just snowballed from there.

Since that first meeting with the moms at Trinity until this very day, my mission has been to reach and help anyone who needs it…from the kids who want to run faster, the volleyball player who wants to jump higher, the mom who wants to be able to run around with her kids, the gal who wants to climb that rope, the guy who wants to get “summer vacation” ready, the senior citizen who wants to keep up with his/her grandkids, the Special Olympics athletes who just want to play, the athletes who want to get stronger and fitter, and finally to EVERY ONE who wants to have that “Better Than Yesterday” mentality…If I can continue to offer guidance to those who want/need it, then my “walk” is complete. I am thoroughly grateful first off to God for leading me on this journey and leading me to my present state, secondly to my family who has supported me from the beginning and finally to the athletes of CFU who have become my second family, thank you for inspiring me to continue with my journey. The Best is yet to come!
So in a nutshell, things and dreams don’t come by chance…there’s a reason for everything! Keep on Keepin’ On my friends! 🙂



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