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I’ll start tomorrownext weeknext month.  Sound familiar?

With another birthday coming up and some health issues that needed addressing, it was time to quit putting things off.  I was seeking improvements to my overall health.  After some stalking of the CFU FB page and seeing a friend’s transformation, I pulled the trigger and opted to try a six-week CrossFit challenge. The rewards for walking thru the CFU door are infinite. 

At the end of six weeks, so many positives:  less anxiety; stress relief; feeling better, stronger, more confident; getting a much-needed grip on nutrition; mental clarity and focus; weight loss; improvements with health issues … the list goes on.  More importantly, I gained friendships and a community of unwavering support from CFU Coaches and Members, none of whom judge you for being the new kid on the block. Each WOD is physically and mentally challenging, but motivation, determination and excitement carry me forward.  With each new day my goals are to show up and do the work; push myself (but know my limits); don’t compare myself to others as everyone is on a different journey; listen to the CFU coaches; and be #betterthanyesterday.  

Lanette Gooch

Talk about a determined lady, Lanette is definitely that…Tell her to do something and her response is, “I’ll try.” I knew Lanette via church and teaching her kids at Trinity and here and there I would hint, “Gotta come check CrossFit out…” Glad I finally got that phone call from her telling me that she needed to get started!

Lanette is a go-getter, always wanting to do the extra work (runs blvd loops on her own 😉 ) and encourages others to do the same. I’ve seen great changes in her these last 14 months and I look forward to seeing what she does in the next 14! Did you ever think that you would be doing handstands 14 months ago?? 😉 Great Job, Gooch! 🙂

I started CrossFit in August of 2013. I was driving down Missouri Boulevard, contemplating how awful it was going to be to shop for a pair of shorts and a swimsuit for an upcoming vacation when I passed the CrossFit sign.  I picked up the phone and called a friend who I knew had Coach Debbie’s number.  Before I could change my mind again, I dialed her up.  I had no idea what I was going to say to her, so I just started talking.  I said, “Hi, it’s Lanette.  I don’t know how to say this, but I can’t do this anymore. I need a change.”  She promised to help, and she’s a woman of her word.

I used to do aerobics in the mid-1990’s. This was before I finished school; before I got married; definitely before having kids, a career and being appointed to the various  Boards and volunteer committees that find me even in my sleep.  Aerobics. Cardio. I could do this. How hard could it be?  I also remember dieting back in the mid-1990’s. I laugh now when I think about how easy it was in my 20’s to lose five pounds here and there; usually by just skipping breakfast and lunch and limiting my daily meals to a light dinner.  CrossFit, I thought.  I can do this.

Everything I knew was wrong. As the date of my first CrossFit class approached, I grew excited. I geared up mentally. I ate all of my favorite foods to taste them “one last time” before I started to exercise again after fifteen years.  I skipped breakfast and lunch the day of my first class…you know, so my stomach wouldn’t cramp during the workout.  I made it through the warm-up, and exactly two minutes of the first WOD before I sat down, light headed and tried to breathe.  It was hard. But, what I remember most isn’t how I felt when I didn’t finish.  What I remember most is how great it felt just to “get started”. I still have that feeling, even now, fourteen (14) months later.  As soon as the clock starts, I think, “this is better than sitting on the couch wishing I was taking better care of myself”.  I still scale the workouts.  I still have pounds to lose, muscle to gain, and a mind to overcome.  I still have so much to learn about nutrition (I hold a strong personal belief that chocolate chips should be a food group).  But – I feel better.  You will to. And, your friends here at CrossFit Unstoppable will be right there beside you to make sure you give it your best. 

An old camp song I learned as a kid starts out, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…” There’s a lot of truth to that. The Rosslan family, all of the trainers, and all of the positive, funny, driven, supportive members of Unstoppable are a blessing to me and my family.  I have a long way to go. But I think I’ve made some progress too. I’ve lost forty (40) pounds since August of 2013.  Pick up the phone or just show up.  You are worth it.  See You at the Box!



Well, today’s my anniversary…my “fitness journey” anniversary. Four years ago, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had made the decision to start my own health/nutrition challenge through Body for Life after several years of feeling like a slug…eating the wrong things, not being active, sitting in a CHAIR while telling my PE kids what to do! Enough of that I said…so I embarked on what was a life-changing moment. I found an app called “Lose It” and started putting every single calorie into that app. I set a goal of losing at least 15# during that 12-wk challenge…Four years ago I weighed 223 pounds and I was a depressed and lazy soul. I knew I could make it happen because I had succeeded before with this nutrition/workout plan. I lifted weights (in sets and reps) 3 days a week and did 20 minutes of cardio 3 days a week. I was determined…I took pictures, weighed and measured myself every four weeks…After the first 4 weeks I think I lost 5#; it was something (and Christmas was in there so I had a free day) and I knew that if I stayed the course I would succeed. I plugged along continuing to enter my food/drink in the app, stayed motivated through an online forum (some amazing friendships were made through that!), and began to see some changes. My first challenge ended in March of 2010 and I lost 18# and about 10 inches. Took the pics again and they definitely do not lie. Friends and co-workers saw the change and encouraged me to keep going.

Enter Challenge 2…this is when I got the courage to enter my first 5K…May 1st, 2010 I ran my first one in 38:42. My goal was to run the whole way without stopping and to FINISH! I did finish and I got a 2nd place medal (ya, there weren’t very many people entered in my age group, but still, I was Ecstatic!) This started an at least twice a month 5K venture and the extra cardio helped me lose even more weight during the second challenge. During the second challenge, with my good eating habits, lifting heavier weights and doing more cardio, I finally got below the 200# mark; made it to 182# as I lost 23# during that time. Holy cow, the responses I got! I was on a roll!

I was starting to lose my focus with the same old routine of lift for an hour one day, run the next, lift for an hour the next and so on…I half-heartedly began my 3rd challenge and was 3 weeks into the challenge when I saw my friend post something about this “new” thing called CrossFit…she was going to take a Fundamentals class in her hometown. I was intrigued so I googled it and immediately saw that there was a CrossFit Kids program…that’s what attracted me to CF at the beginning. I wanted to incorporate CF into my PE program. I didn’t understand ANY of what was posted on the mainsite, what the heck was a WOD anyways and they did WHAT??? I told my friend she was crazy but brave for trying it. She made it through the class and would tell me what they did and she challenged me to do some crazy workout…so I went to my basement (home of the original Mid-MO Fitness), and did the workout…It was “only” about 8 minutes but it kicked my @$$! And she just laughed at me! This got me hooked…I started making up my own workouts and along with continuing with my running got caught up in the CrossFit craze. A box opened up in Columbia and I went to classes 2-3 times per week depending on my coaching schedule. I was hooked and was making up crazy stuff at home! Imagine that! After the last 12 weeks of another challenge, I lost another 17#, but went from a body fat % of 23% to 15% and that was because I started eliminating grains from my diet…It was crazy! I weighed 165# and people thought I only weighed 130!

So the CrossFit bug got me…I visited my friend in January of 2011 and we had this wild notion of getting CrossFit Level 1 certified; she wanted to become a trainer, I just wanted to have it so I could do the stuff “legally” at my school. In March of 2011 I became Level 1 certified and was on top of the world…and then came up with the Mid-MO Fitness business plan…run a couple of boot camps to help out the moms at the school. We didn’t do any weights other than the 10/15# kettlebells and body weight movements. We met at 5:30am or 4:45pm 2-3 days a week and that’s when my desire to help people really took shape. I conducted a seminar for nutrition/workouts and then things started rolling after that. I traveled to Tennessee in the Fall of 2011 and got inspired to apply for affiliation through CrossFit…3 weeks later I got confirmation that CrossFit Unstoppable was then one of the 6,000 affiliates worldwide. This was a scary time because at the time I was a wife, mom, full time teacher and was still coaching. How in the heck was I going to make a CF gym work?

The verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 has kept me going this whole time. I have always believed that if I did the right things for the right reasons, then all will turn out the right way. So four years later and 3 boxes later, I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been. I have been able to help hundreds of people ages 4-76 and the ripple effect from this amazes me! Give More, Get More…I hope that you all are the happiest you have been in a long time because of your experience with CrossFit Unstoppable…words cannot describe the emotions I have for you guys and gals…YOU keep me going and for that I thank you for making my day every day!

Hopefully you didn’t fall asleep during this little spiel, just wanted to share a special day with you! And know that WHEREVER you are in your fitness journey, you CAN DO IT!! Dedication, Discipline and Determination will get you through!

Edith Verslues

What a Blessing this lady has been to me! So very thankful that she showed up at my house back in the day and then kept coming back! Edith is the perfect example of one who never gives up and shows that if you set your mindset right, you can accomplish great things!
Edith is my Hero and I’m sure she is a hero to many others as well! Keep doing amazing things, Edith! 🙂

Edith’s Story…
May 2011 I was a two year breast cancer survivor. I went to a 6 month check-up with my Oncologist and frankly I left there scared. Even though I had been going to the Y faithfully for 8 years I was headed the wrong direction. All my numbers were up – weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. I realize now I was on auto-pilot at the Y. I did the same thing every day and every week. Really the only thing I was accomplishing was rising early and going. At the time my granddaughter was playing on a club volleyball team that was coached by Debbie. Kim suggested I call Debbie about helping me as a personal trainer. As they say the rest is history. I look back at the notebook from that session and laugh. I couldn’t work out with a 15# dumbbell so I purchased 3# wrist weights and used the 10# weight. I thought I was going to die that first night when I left. I was barely able to walk up the steps and drive home. Debbie probably wondered if I would be back!
I am amazed by what I have accomplished with the help of Debbie and CFU. Yes l lost weight and inches but the strength and confidence I have gained mean so much more. For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete.
I consider CFU and its members to be my family. I love how you have all taken my brother Keith in as your own. CFU is not just a gym, you are not just a member, we are family and we genuinely care about each other. We respect each other’s goals and abilities and we are here to support and encourage.
It has been quite a journey! Personal trainer, boot camp babes, mini-box, little box and mega box. I thank God I had the courage to call Debbie. I believe God scared me just enough to motivate me. Thank you Coach for all you have done and continue to do for me. I am excited to see what the future holds for CFU!!

Garrett Brice

Transformation Tuesday

Garrett Brice is being featured as our Transformation Tuesday Athlete! Garrett is 14 yrs old and is the son of Shawn Brice…I met Garrett about two years ago when Shawn asked if he could participate in the kids program; sure he can. The rest is history, like what is stated below, Garrett has gained so much confidence in his abilities and I can tell that he has improved his movement quality since 2 yrs ago. Garrett has even started opening up with me with his smile and chuckle when I refer to myself as being crazy…wonder where he gets that from! 😉
Shawn and Michelle, you have a fine, strong young man to be proud of and I know the rest of his CFU family is proud of him too! Congrats on your Transformation, Garrett!!

Via Shawn:
Garrett started Crossfit about 2 years ago in the Crossfit youth program and has developed a love of working out, especially if he has a chance to workout right next to dad, minus the pink tutu. Garrett is autistic and has struggles with social interaction and anxiety. He does not feel comfortable with people he does not know or do things in front of people that he is not familiar with, so I was not sure that he would try crossfit at all. However, he has a great friend in Mitchell Rosslan and wanted to try it with his friend. I don’t think Garrett had any idea of what he could do or how strong he was, like many new Crossfit athletes. He always gives it his best effort, but he also has realized that stretching, eating and hydrating really do make a difference when working out (after feeling the effects of working out on an empty stomach). The Crossfit Unstoppable athletes have been great in helping Garrett gain more self confidence and being more comfortable with the unknown. Crossfit is a great way to test your ability to adapt to things that you might not have tried or done before as the workouts are always different and knowing how far you can take yourself through a workout is not always known till the end. Those things along with the great Crossfit family have enabled Garrett to thrive in a setting that he is comfortable and relaxed in now. Even if Garrett isn’t going to say a word to people, it never stops anyone from saying hello to him and asking him how he is doing. It may not seem like that much to anyone else, but it means a lot to him, myself and his mom.

Garrett is now participating in the regular WOD’s on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday’s, he puts in extra lifting work on Saturday’s after the regular WOD and overall has seen lots of improvements in his strength and his form, especially keeping his back straight on lifts and squats, also getting low. Ya, coach he gets that from his dad 🙂 He has also seen improvement in his running technique- head is up and steady rather than bobbing up and down, thanks Jen! His mom says that he is more likely to help out at home with tasks that require strength (that his mom can’t do on her own)! Since starting CF, he doesn’t seek out proprioceptive input for his joints, which he has always done since an early age (due to sensory dysfunction), he’s now getting what his body needs from CF, his PE teacher also noticed how good his push-ups were.

Some first for Garrett since joining Crossfit, were he recently competed in competition even though he was nervous about all the people there watching him. Without Crossfit and the people that he knows, I am not sure that I could have imagined him doing a workout in front of that big of a crowd and that many people that he did not know. Words can’t describe what he overcame to do what he did! Another first was taking Garrett to a public swimming pool at the Crossfit party, he had so much fun that evening. It was his first experience in doing that and the waterslide. After it was over I asked him if he wanted to come back and he said if Crossfit is there, then yes! Finally we were both thrown into a team on scavenger hunt at one of the many parties that we have at Crossfit, again Garrett got out of his comfort zone and had a blast, I think there are pictures to prove it lol. Thanks to Crossfit Garrett has come a long way in gaining self confidence in himself, more social interaction, and learning a healthy lifestyle. it isn’t always about your one rep max or your time, sometimes a PR can be overcoming your fears.

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