Today’s Transformation Tuesday is my Aunt Katie and she’s the reason we have the Master’s class at CFU. Aunt Katie contacted me in December of 2012 asking if I did personal training or individual stuff because she didn’t think she could do the CrAzY stuff that I did…I said sure, let’s start with 2 days a week and go from there. We worked around her schedule and she faithfully came to her sessions and even came to the regular Christmas Eve class that year and did a partner WOD with the other Crazies! ;) Come January of 2013, I got another inquiry from another gal and decided to put her and Katie together for their sessions and in February of 2013, the CFU Masters Class was born! So Thank You Aunt Katie for making that phone call, faithfully coming to your sessions and giving me the “Masters idea” hehe!

Katie explains a bit of what she can now do at her age…Remember folks, age IS really just a number! Katie is a true testimony of that in what she has been through. I am Blessed to call her Aunt and a CFU Member! :)


Next month will be my 2 year CrossFit anniversary.  My goal when I started was to increase my strength and mobility.   I’m not muscle bound but I am a lot stronger.  I can now get up from the floor without crawling to something and pulling up. Doing yard work does not leave me sore and stiff like it has in the past.  The added strength has helped me take care of my husband, who is in a wheel chair.  I like that the workouts are all planned for me and each workout is different.  When I go to the box I never know what I will be doing.  It could be swinging sledgehammers, flipping tires, CrossFit cards, a little weight lifting or whatever Coach has up her sleeve for me that day.  Before CrossFit my main exercising was walking on the treadmill so this new way of working out was very challenging and a little scary.  I soon found out I love it!  It is still very challenging but I look forward to working out with my CFU friends.  I wish I would have started this program before the age of 67!  Soon to be 69.   I am proud of my accomplishments in the CrossFit Masters class. CrossFit is really for everyone even us seniors.  Thanks Coach Debbie Rosslan for all your help and encouragement.


This week’s transformation is my sister-in-law, Michelle! I am so proud of her and how far she has come in the last two years…when I first asked her and my brother to come to CFU, they were a little hesitant (as she explains below)…I remember doing their CF101 while one of the other classes was going on and was just saying a prayer to myself that they would take to it. So happy that Michelle was brave enough to show up for that first WOD and grateful for all of the support that all of the athletes gave her and continue to give her. She has amazing strength and it’s such a joy to hear her talk about how she will go out running with her daughter, Natalie! Michelle’s attitude and smile are contagious and CFU is lucky to have her! :) Keep it up, Michelle…You’re definitely Better Than Yesterday!!

Here’s her story…

I started Crossfit in December 2012; I received a text from Coach Debbie, aka my sister-in-law.  She was offering me a chance to try out Crossfit and wanted to schedule my Crossfit 101.  She had been doing Crossfit for a little over a year and I thought to myself, I am not cut out for that.  She was a PE teacher, a college athlete and me, I was cardio queen who loved to use the elliptical and then would walk around the weight machines attempting  to get a workout in really not sure what I needed to do and not making any progress.  I was still overweight, unhealthy and unfit.  I was not cut out for Crossfit.

So I rounded up some courage and I showed up for my Crossfit 101, scared and nervous of what I had gotten myself into.  I survived the 101, but now I had to show up for my first WOD.  I remember sitting there all day at work a terrified mess and looking at the WOD and trying to figure out the movements and how I could scale them to work with my capabilities.  I would watch YouTube videos to learn the movements and I would try to figure out the acronyms, this was testing me in more ways than just physically.  Crossfit is so much more than a workout; it also pushes you both mentally and emotionally.

What I did notice my first WOD and every WOD since is the support the athletes give to one another.  Even though I was the overweight newbie who was trying to blend into the corner, they introduced themselves to me, cheered for me as I was the last to finish, and did burpees with me as I tried to complete the WOD.  This was definitely different then my global gym, this was a family where everyone is in different fitness levels but supporting each other.  I have met so many wonderful people whom I may have never crossed paths, but I consider them all my friends.

In January 2013, I started my first Nutrition Challenge.  It was during this challenge I learned the Paleo Clean-Eating approach and was able to start losing the weight.  I had a wonderful support group with wonderful team members and all the other athletes participating in the challenge.  With the challenge and along with continuing the Paleo Clean-Eating approach, I was able to lose over 50 pounds and maintain it.  Of course, it is not easy.  In order to keep it off, I sign up for every challenge available because it is so easy to fall off the wagon and start down the path of destruction.   I love that CFU always is giving me options to try to make me better.

Crossfit pushes me to try things I never thought I could do.   I did my first 5K in March 2013 along with some of the other CFU members.  I still remember Debbie yelling at me to “Sprint” to the finish line.    Then a year later in April 2014, I ran the Go St. Louis Half Marathon.  I am now more fit and strong in my 40s then I had ever been.  I am still amazed by what I have accomplished with the help of Coach Debbie and the support of all the CFU members.  For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete.  My journey does not stop here.  I still have so much more I want to accomplish, I am still working on being “Better than Yesterday”.


“Becker” as I call her, has always been a highlight of my day…she comes to CFU with an attitude of No Fear and is always willing to go for whatever the trainer asks of her. At 54 years young, Jenny has ruled out the premises that one can’t start lifting weights, climb ropes, do handstands, run 5K’s or anything else set before her as she continues her fitness journey. I’m so very proud of how far she has come and I’m Blessed to have her as a friend and member of CFU! Keep it up, Becker!

I started Crossfit in Feb 2012. I was out of shape, overweight, had never lifted weights, and had never stayed with an exercise program for more than a few months at a time.

I had always thought Crossfit was for young, strong people. When my daughter (Shara) called and asked if I wanted to try it with her, I was more than a little leary. I had never lifted weights, climbed a rope, or heaven forbid do a handstand! The day I walked through those doors was the best thing I had ever done for my health and fitness!

In Jan 2013 I did my first nutrition challenge. I lost both weight and inches. And it wasn’t just that – I was stronger and felt GOOD!! Within 6 months I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine!

I remember the first time I ran 100 m without stopping, and as always, I had my CrossFit family cheering me on. I have gained more self confidence and have started stepping out of my comfort zone.

I ran my first 5K in 2012, and have recently PR’d my back squat, clean and jerk, and push press. I go to the box as often as I can, and I’m not afraid to try anything new! I am better than yesterday and plan to continue on this journey with my CFU family!

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