Tuesday, 02.17.15

snow angel

Thanks for understanding about the cancelation of the morning classes on Monday; always need to put safety first!

All Classes are a GO for Tuesday INCLUDING CFXpress on TUESDAYS Only! 6:15-6:45am…last chance Xpress WODers 🙂

On that note, I am trying to start a new communication system via a messaging service which works with text messaging; In the event of an announcement or reminder for members, I can send one message via my phone and everyone would get it without having to check the website/Facebook. Here’s what you need to do:

Just text: @cfucoach to 81010

Very simple…only 14 taps on your phone then Send 🙂


10min Skill Work-Handstands/Wall Walk holds

Strength: 3 POS Power Clean: 5×3 @ 80%1RM

ADV: Same with 3s pause at knee (when coming from floor) + 1 Jerk

18min AMRAP

20 DU’s(3x singles)

15 Weighted Sit-ups (with 25/15# plates)

10 Dips (ring/box)

5 Box Jumps 24/20


Bonus Work: 3×20 Flutter Kicks, 3×20 Russian Twists, 3×20 plank mountain climbers






Advanced WOD

EMOM 24 (alt minutes)

1: 10 strict pull-ups

2: 20 alternating reverse lunges 53/35

3: 10 burpees + 20 DU


TEC WOD: Run/Weighted Situp(53/35) Ladder: Run 100m, 10 situps, Run 100m, 9 situps, etc…THEN, go back up the ladder-100m run, 1 situp, 100m run 2 situps…


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