Tuesday, 02.24.15

nutrition challengers

A HUGE Congrats to the 30 Nutrition Challengers who lost a total of 167# and 118.25″ in 6 weeks! How did we do it?? Clean Eating, Working Out, Drinking our H2O, Getting Enough Sleep and Keeping Each Other Motivated!! CONGRATS to: Cathy, Carmen, Edith, Peggy, Fred, SarahRo, StacyL, Kevin, StephanieS, Cheryl, Lanette, LacyR, Dave, Lori, Penney, Michelle, Karen, Sandra, Carrie, Chelsie, StephanieH, Sherry, Gwen, SarahL, Norma, Julie, Jenny, Lisa, Tammy, and Belinda–>30 people who showed that they CAN be Better Than Yesterday! Great Job, 40 Days group…Here’s to our Day 41! :)

The WEEK has arrived!! CF Games Open Week! Thursday night, CF Games will announce the first Open WOD which will take place at CFU on Friday night @ 6:30pm–the next 5 Fridays there will be NO 5:15pm class. If you have never experienced the Open or CFU Friday Night Lights, you should plan on attending, if not to participate (you can scale/modify the WOD’s), but to watch the CFU athletes leave it all on the floor! Some of the athletes are registered with hundreds of thousands around the World in this yearly event. I will never forget my first CF Open WOD–7min of burpees-Yuck!

Anyways, this is a great time for our CFU community to come together and support one another! The workouts start around 6:30ish and we are finished by around 7:30 depending on the number of participants; we usually hang out for a little social afterwards. Hope a lot of you can make it! :) It’s a great time!


A few of you still haven’t signed up for the “Remind” messaging system…Please text @cfucoach to the number 81010   It’s just a faster way to let the members know upcoming events, announcements, etc…without YOU having to go to the website/facebook (because I know you all have a phone ;) )

This week I will be putting together an announcement for all the Strong Ladies out there…stay tuned! We are quite excited to be able to offer this at CFU! :)

CFU Barbell continues to help members get better at their lifts! Have you not tried it?? Why not? Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Wednesdays @ 4:30pm also Saturday mornings @ 10am. A lot of great things happen at Barbell…technique and form are addressed; it’s not just about lifting heavy weights and it IS for EVERYONE! Step outside of your comfort zone and GO! :) Britt and Andi are waiting to help!


Strength: Full clean: 5×5 @60%

ADV: same + push jerk 5×5+1


3min AMRAP

3 Clean & Jerk 155/115

6 Barbell Burpees

-Rest 2 min

3min AMRAP

3 OHS 135/95

6 Box Jumps 24/20

-Rest 2 min

3min AMRAP

3 Snatch 115/75

6 Jump Lunges

*Score is Total REPS

Bonus Work: 3×15 Supermans, 3×20 Russian Twists, 3×25 Straight leg situps

TEC WOD: 4x800m rest 2 min between efforts; total time is score

Advanced WOD:

“ JT”



Ring Dips



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