Tuesday, 03.25.14

sunshine rays

How about this “awesome” weather?? Grrrr, makes me kind of grumpy especially when I don’t feel well 🙁  Bring on the sunshine and 60 degree temps is what I say!

Tuesday morning we WILL have a TECS WOD though it will be INSIDE.

If anyone knows of a person interested in the CF101 classes, have them give me a call to set it up. We start next Tuesday, April 1st.

And for you parents with kids in grades 1-6, I’m working on some CF Kids Camps for this summer in the event that you would need some place for your child(ren) to go during the day…I’m planning sports training and field trips as well to go along with it so be on the look out in the next week or so!

CF Volleyball Grades 3-6 starts on April 7th! Check out the tab on the website for more information…

Signing off early for the evening to hopefully knock this “blah” out…hope everyone else is staying healthy out there — OH-just as a reminder, please wipe down your equipment and area after use to keep the germs away! 😉

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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