Tuesday, 05.06.14

bridge to greatness

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu.

Where is your first single step today going to take you?? Do you have new goals to pursue? Is there something that you’ve wanted to do either physically, mentally, or spiritually that you’ve been wanting to do, but just haven’t made it a priority? Well, here’s your chance to start on that journey…whatever it is. You CAN because of who you are…YOU have the power within to do whatever your mind believes. Don’t sell yourself short…Sieze the Day! You’re NOT going to get this day back!!

FLASH WOD on SATURDAY for the 9am class…I want this to be HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE so bring your whole family, kids, grandkids etc…We will make the WOD’s kid friendly. We will meet at the box about 8:45 to roll out, get equipment, and get the game plan. For those newer to CFU, we haven’t done a Flash WOD since Forever… we load up our vehicles with the equipment then go to a specified location and perform a short mini-WOD, pack up and go to a different location for a 2nd WOD…it’s lots of fun and oh the stares we get…So even if you don’t normally come on Saturdays, try and make an effort to make it on Sat. May 10th. I want this one to be BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGER than any others! So spread the word to your family! :)

Remember that the weather is going to heat up a bit this week so make sure you are hydrating yourself and eating properly! You need to fuel your engine the RIGHT way! Just say NO to Crap! ;)

T-shirt orders will be made on Thursday so make sure you sign up for one (located on the wall by my office). Money will be due at the time of delivery…The more we buy the cheaper they are and if you aren’t sporting some CFU gear and promoting our awesome tribe, why not?? :) Get yours ordered! I also have plenty of our red “signature” shirts and the CFU hand towels for those HOT days!

(Yes, that was a cut and paste from Sunday’s post, but why re-invent the wheel! 🙂 )

Have an Amazing day!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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