Tuesday, 06.17.14


Wanted to give another HUGE Thanks to those who helped with the CFU Football Fundraiser! We reached our goal!!
I will have all of the winners posted at the box…
Hope everyone had fun at the BBQ/Party!

About 35 CFU members went through the DU clinic; I hope you came away with some tips to help you get more efficient at the du’s…originally I had thought the JumpNRope organization was going to give us 20 ropes; I ended up with 9 for the box (along with 2 sets of the speed balls). I will raffle off 2 of the ropes and the other 7 will stay on the racks for members use.
If you already got your own rope and do not wish for your name to be in the drawing, let me know! This is for those who registered for the clinic. I will announce the two winners by Thursday!

Another friendly reminder that you need to hydrate and fuel your bodies the RIGHT way before coming to workout…set a goal of drinking a gallon of water a day; more when it’s hot and humid!

Have a Great Tuesday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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