Tuesday, 08.04.15

Sorry for the late post…thought it was uploaded already! 

Remember Barbell tonight at 5:30pm as well as an instructor led TEC WOD at 5:30! Come ready to work and learn! 

3 POS Clean (hi, hang, floor) + 1 jerk 5×1+1 @65-70%
Complete as many reps as possible in 12 minutes following the rep scheme below:

2 Pushups

2 Situps

2 Alternating KB Snatches(choose a challenging weight)

4 Pushups

4 Situps

4 Alt KB Snatches





Scale: 10/8 min

Cashout: 3min of du’s -post score to board; no du’s? Work on them!
Bonus work: 3×15 v-ups, 3×15 obliques crunches(each side), 3×10 med ball raises from rig
TEC WOD: 3×1200(2 loops+200m) Rest 3 min between efforts; post splits and total time
Advanced WOD 


  400m run

  80 DU

  40 KB 53/35


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