Tuesday, 09.18.2018

EMOM for 10 Mins:
Even: 12 STO from the ground to start(135/95)
Odd: 8 Strict C2B
*100 Reps if completed RX

E6MO6M for 30 Mins:
Blvd Run(4 reps) + 50 DU + 25 Pull Ups + 12 HSPU
*455 reps if completed RX

E5MO5M for 30 Mins:
24/18 Cal. Assault Bike + 8 Bar MU + 2x20ft Handstand Walk(4 reps) or 4 Wall Walks
*216/180 reps if completed RX

For Time & Calories
5min AMCAP
Calorie Row
Rest 1min
EMOM for 10min
100m Sprint
Rest 1min
5min AMCAP
Assault Bike Calories
Rest 1min
Horseshoe Run
25 V-ups
Rax Ct Run
20 Hollow Rocks
Blvd Run
15 Reverse Crunches
Praxair Run
*Men need a total of 135 calories combined; women 110 calories – for every calorie not reached, perform 2 burpees; for instance if you are 4 calories off the target, perform 8 burpee which ARE included in your time.


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