Tuesday, 09.29.15


Great job, Monday WODers! 🙂 Just some reminders…*Those who need to turn in their Zonta forms and money, please do so by WEDNESDAY! **Sign up for the “Waist Away” Challenge by FRIDAY! You will need a partner and a team name…Measurements from October 1-5…***Ryno Power will be here again Tuesday and Wednesday; he is offering 30% off of all supplements at the box and he also has a 25% off promo for items bought online. He will be here from 4:30-6:30pm. ****Please, Please, Please clean up your equipment and WOD area after finishing your workout. Thank you!

5×1 BTN Push Press, BTN Split Jerk, OHS


12min AMRAP(reps)

2 Push Press (95/65)

2 Pullups

2 Situps

4 Push Press

4 Pullups

4 Situps

6 Push Press

6 Pullups

6 Situps

8,8,8…10,10,10…continue adding two reps to each round



8 Rounds

Praxair Run

6 Pushups

8 Squats

10 Situps



Advanced WOD: EMOM for as long as possible:

7 Thrusters 75/55

7 Pullups

7 Burpees


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