Tuesday, 12.04.2018

Work Hard. Eat Clean. Be Blessed.

Strength:  EMOM for 14 Mins:

Even:  9 Ring Push Ups with external rotation at the top

Odd:  6 Strict C2B

*105 Reps if completed RX


EMOM for 24 Mins:

1st Min:  16/12 Cal. Row

2nd Min:  6 Bar MU

3rd Min:  16/12 Cal. Row

4th Min:  9 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

5th Min:  16/12 Cal. Row

6th Min:  12 DB Burpees (2×50/35)

*300/252 reps if completed RX



14 Min EMOM:

Even:  3 Burpee Ring MU

Odd:  6 Dball Over Shoulder (150/100)

*63 reps if completed RX



35min AMRAP w/ Partner

1-Alternate Cals on AB, Row, Ski Erg

2-2 Baby Burpees, 4 Ball Slams (25/15), 6 Squats w/ Ball, 8 Tricep Extensions w/ball, 10 Pushups, 12 Hollow Rocks

*Score is total reps of rounds (42 reps in round) plus all calories


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