Tuesday, 12.17.13


“Worry is the interest we pay on tomorrow’s troubles”~E. Stanley Jones

I’ve heard a few people comment the last few days about worrying if they can’t do a WOD or perform the lift correctly…Well, how are you going to get better if you don’t try and do more of that? At least TRY!

I want to remind everyone that IT’S OKAY TO SCALE and MODIFY! We can’t ALL be great at everything, but WE CAN be Great at Something! Be SMART about your workouts, SMART about your nutrition, SMART about your hydration!

Reminder about our Christmas party Saturday night at 6:30pm…even if you can only stop by for a drink or two, do so! I want to share a little something with you guys so about 7:00 is when that will take place. I’d also like to give some stuff away…like some hoodies, some FitAid, free month’s membership, t-shirts…but you gotta be there to WIN! 🙂

Have a great day!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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