Tuesday, 4.8.14


“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

Are you better than yesterday? Than a week ago? Than a month ago? A year ago??

I had made a post about the marathon and one of my friends commented, “quite an increase in miles from the 5K’s you were doing 4 years ago”…yep it just starts with one little nudge to do something out of your comfort zone. Almost 4 yrs ago I ran my first 5K, never in my life had dreamed of doing one, then got hooked on doing “better than yesterday”, then the first 1/2 with friends, then the crazy notion of a FULL…never think that you can’t do something out of your comfort zone!! Believe and Achieve!! 🙂

If you all missed the previous blog post, I now have a FitAid payment sheet above the fridge…if you have an existing punchcard, please note the “punches” you’ve used. If you wish to purchase a “punchcard”, they are $22/10 cans. Otherwise when you purchase a FitAid, put your name/initials on the right hand sheet and place your $ in the cup. Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

CFU shirts 4 Sale…$10 for cotton, $15 for Dry-Fit…let me know if you would like one!

Upcoming Events: Saturday, April 12th-JCCF Throwdown starting approximately at 8:30am…ChrisW, MikeB, Shawn, and Amanda will be competing. Let’s show our CFU spirit and go cheer them on if you can!

April 19th-Downtown JC is the 5K Color Vibe run…great way to get that first 5K under your belt…I think I know of a couple people who purchased spots but now cannot do the run. Let me know if you are interested!

There will be an announcement later this month about something that will be ongoing in May…will be FUN!! Let’s just say it will be MAYhem! 🙂

Mark Friday,  July 25th from 7:30-9pm on your calendar for the CFU Pool Party at Memorial Pool…Last year we had almost 100 people there! Families and friends are welcome! 🙂

Have an Awesome day!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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