Tuesday, 9.16.14

So I think this rowing challenge is really helping some people out on the food/beverage end of the spectrum as I had 3 people comment (one being my son!) that they couldn’t believe how long they would have to row to burn off a certain food item!
We are halfway through the month…my goal is 3500 cals which is equal to a loss of one pound…I better get after it! 🙂

Take advantage of the “Bonus Work” that has been posted! Several took advantage today, but you know, some of this stuff can be done at home(in case you don’t make it to the box!).

I will be posting a sign up sheet for WODFest t-shirts…note this will be for the judges, volunteers, and anyone else who would like to order one (different color than the competitors, which is provided in your registration fee). Please sign up by the end of the week with your size you want…they will be the same material as our new CFU shirts.

Clean & Jerk
Spend 20 minutes building up to a heavy Clean and Jerk for the day (full Clean and Split or Push Jerk)-post PR’s on the board!

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
Wall-Balls (20/14)
Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
Box Jumps (24 /20)
*Total Reps is score…

Bonus Work:
5 x 30 Abmat Butterfly Sit-ups (do these quickly, but not as fast as possible. Rest as needed between sets)
3 x 10 Good Mornings ( 95/65)

Advanced Strength: 6×3 +1: High Hang, Hang, Floor – Full cleans—work up to 80%

Advanced WOD: 3 rounds: 50 DU’s * 30 wallballs (20/14) *8 Muscle-ups

TECS WOD: Run/Rest Interval Ladder…200m/60sec rest; 200m/50; 200m/40; 200m/30; 200m/20; 200m/10; 200m/20; 200m/30; 200m/40; 200m/50; 200m Total meters: 2200m – keep split times and keep them consistent; so you will need a timing device

Be Awesome Today!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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