Tuesday Transformation-Fred Rosslan

CrossFit Unstoppable will be featuring athlete’s transformations in the upcoming weeks in the hopes that we can help transform another life for the better!

Every person who walks through CFU’s doors has a general goal in mind, most of the time it’s to lose pounds and inches. Some just want to remain fit for daily activities and others want to get stronger.

There have been many transformations I’ve seen and my brother-in-law’s is probably the BIGGEST…you see, with transformations such as these, a person not only changes on the outside (what the every day person sees), he/she changes on the inside.

Three years ago I was the crazy sister-in-law who opened up a CrossFit gym…Fred’s wife Sarah was a part of my boot camps and eventually followed me with the CF venture and I believe her and my coaxing Fred into trying CF was what got him through the door.

Fred has changed on the inside and out and has definitely made a positive change for the better. His positive attitude with the athletes transfers to their positivity and that’s what transformation is all about…doing something good for yourself in order to do something better for someone else!

Keep doing great things, Fred…I know you’re not finished yet!

I began my CrossFit journey on May 12, 2012 after being invited by Coach to “give it a try”.

Well at the time I was one cheeseburger away from a heart attack, and I decided the kids may need a dad to be around. So after getting my rear kicked and losing badly to a peppy blonde, a gal & guy older than me, I decided I like this crap.

Now two years later, 131 pounds less and a lot of inches gone, I feel much better. I like it so much I got certified to be a CF Trainer.
Each one of us is put here to make our lives better; take the jump, be awesome…you may surprise yourself.
~Fred Rosslan



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