Unstoppable-Sunday 7.5.20

What does unstoppable mean to you? That nothing can deter you from your goals? That you’re not going to quit on yourself? Some quotes that come to mind when I hear the word Unstoppable are:

  • Believe in yourself and you will become Unstoppable!
  • What do Unbelievable, Unbreakable and Unstoppable have in common? They all begin with U! 😉
  • Find your purpose, become Unstoppable!
  • Think back 5 years ago…Think of where you are today…Think about where you want to be in 5 years and be Unstoppable!
  • Strong alone, Together UNSTOPPABLE!
  • This is the year I will be Stronger, Braver, Kinder, Unstoppable; This is the year I will be Fierce!
  • Run with your legs to be fast, Run with your mind to be faster, Run with your heart to be Unstoppable!

I think you get what I’m saying now…if you put your heart into something and never give up, more than likely you will reach what you want to accomplish! Unstoppable is one of my favorite words because it means so much not only in all of the meanings, but how it has shaped my life to this day.

Some people ask how did CrossFit Unstoppable come about; meaning the name. When affiliating a person can put in for 3 different requests for a name; well luck would have it that all 3 of my names were turned down. I applied for affiliation in October of 2011 and I only remember one of the names that I had put in – Mid-MO CrossFit (because I already had a business name of Mid-MO Fitness). So I was at a conference in October of 2011 and the previous Christmas one of my friends who had been at the conference sent me a key chain. It was a puzzle piece that had “I AM” on one side and “UNSTOPPABLE” on the other. I’ve been carrying that key chain since December of 2010 so how cool was it for me to request the name of “CrossFit Unstoppable” and it be approved in October of 2011?!? 🙂 God had a plan!

Here’s to an Unstoppable week for all of us! Be Unstoppable!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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