We Rise By Lifting Others Wednesday 7.1.20

Let’s talk about helping others…how do you go about your day to lift someone up? Or do you? Not to single anyone out here because probably the people who read these are some of the best humans on the planet 😉 But seriously, there are some downright mean people out there. Do you ever wonder why there is so much hate and anger in some people? Is it because of their past or just maybe they had a bad day?

I honestly believe it’s in how one is nurtured and brought up in society. The other day I posted a pic that basically said, spend time with those who won’t hurt your mental health. Are you a person that others want to be around?

To be honest, some days are hard and I know that’s true for a lot of you but there’s a way to help lift yourself up…by LIFTING OTHERS! If someone smiles at you, do you smile back or do you ignore them? I’d hope you would smile back…when you give, you get!

We all know the Golden Rule-treat others like you want to be treated and I hope I can live up to that on the daily because it is my mission to lift at least one person’s spirit and spread joy when I can.

Time to RISE UP and start doing some heavy lifting my friends! Start with one kind gesture and watch the ripple effect begin! Do it for others and also for yourself because your mental state will be uplifted as well!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Blessed!


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