Wednesday, 02.18.15

birthday cake

Birthday Bash Shirts are IN!! If you ordered BY ORDER FORM, your shirt(s) should be on the table…we are short a couple of shirts so will double check the order and see what is up…If we have enough interest, we could probably do a re-order for the purple or green Bday Bash shirts…Need to have at least 12 interested!

I am trying to start a new communication system via a messaging service which works with text messaging; In the event of an announcement or reminder for members, I can send one message via my phone and everyone would get it without having to check the website/Facebook. Here’s what you need to do:

Just text: @cfucoach to 81010

Very simple…only 14 taps on your phone then Send 🙂  We are up to 68 subscribers…about 30 shy…have you signed up yet?? Thank you 😉


Odd: 5-8 strict pull-ups
*increase difficulty by performing wide grip behind the neck pull-ups
Even: 20s of 10m sprints

5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts 185/135
5 Barbell Burpees

Bonus Work
3×10 V-ups, 3x1min wall sits, 3×10 supermans w/3sec hold


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