Wednesday, 09.23.15

Zonta Zombie 5K Runners/Walkers…registration forms are at the box on the glass case. Please fill out and leave that and your money($20) in my office. We now have 8 full teams of 5! Thank you all for your support! Gwen and I really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

Pullup progression clinic on Sunday at 2pm! Come see how you can become stronger! 

Be watching for a couple of challenges/strength progressions…coming Oct. 5th! 


EMOMx12 Odd: 5-7 pullups 

Even: 30s of supermans 
4 Rounds 

400m Run (blvd) 

5 Squat Cleans (155/105) 

5 Jerks (155/105) 

10 Barbell Burpees 

(scale: 3 rounds with 200m runs) 

**DB WOD** w/ Partner (AHAP-make it challenging!) 

18min AMRAP 

*200m Run (no weight) -Praxair sign

–2 Manmakers(pushup, row, row, squat clean, push press/thruster) – 4 Seated (on ground) Presses – 6 Goblet Squats – 8 Situps(finish all movements before switching) 

(DB WODers MUST do strength as well!) 


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