Wednesday, 5.29.14

How many PR’s did we have for the Press today?!? I know with my classes there were several! Just a heads up that this week we will be focusing on 1RM’s of several lifts so be ready to lift heavy!

A quick heads up that the Football team is putting together a raffle for the Box Party on Saturday June 14th from 5:30-???.
We will have a bbq( bring your choice of meat and a side dish and of course beverage of choice!
We will also have a couple of silent auction items and the drawing for the raffle and auction items will be around 7:30pm.

Looking forward to a great turnout especially if you’ve never been to one of CFU’s parties! 🙂

So keep your eyes OPEN!!

Have a great one!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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