What’s the “Secret”

Ever have an “off” day or a series of them or heck, even an off month or year?? Been there, done that! Not fun no doubt…so what’s the secret to staying “on”; how do you go about your days without feeling the stressors all the time that might bring you down? That’s a hard question to answer.

When you’re “on”, it’s a great feeling, right? Life is good, your schedule is together and organized…your nutrition and fitness is on point and being “on” is effortless. You can get to the gym regularly, grocery shop for healthy foods, do some meal prep and eat those healthy foods on a consistent basis. Ahhhh…

What does feeling “on” look for you? Mine is basically what I just listed above…I will tell you the truth though, I don’t feel “on” right now in most aspects of my life, but I’m working on them. I think what is helping me to stay sane is the fact that I’m exercising on a regular basis. I GET TO go to the gym every day so it kinda makes it hard to skip out on the exercise portion of my day.

The nutrition is so-so…I eat healthy throughout the day, but the evenings and weekends is what get me so I’m looking for ways to create better habits to help me through the “off” days. Meal prep has been pretty non-existent for the last few months because of, well…Life. So I signed up for a meal prep workshop through another box (Signum Fitness 🙂 ) to help me through this “off” time. I also signed up for a Zoom meeting where a chef is going to take us through some different recipes…this is on Sunday so I had better get my rear in gear!

So, my nutrition isn’t quite where it needs to be and I think because of that, my mindset isn’t in the “on” state either. Yes, I’m human and I go through roller coaster emotions just like the other guy so I’m working on that category as well.

What are some signs that you are feeling “off”? Not wanting to go out, skipping the gym on a consistent basis, avoiding friends, wearing baggier/bigger clothes, or binging on unhealthy things…the list can go on, but I tend to isolate myself (I’m an introvert anyway :-/) which doesn’t work well in my line of work! I feel as if I need to be “on” all of the time and I know that’s not healthy either.

Our brains love routines, structure and comfort. Why do we have bad habits? Because we’ve made them a routine! We can create good habits as well by making the “on” methods part of our daily routine! Let’s start with drinking more water for a week. Then the next week, maybe go for a 10 minute walk; the next start doing some meal prep on the weekends. It basically takes 21 days to create a habit so keep stacking the good upon the good to make a healthier “on” version of you! You are worth it!

I hope you have more “on” days than “off” ones because the off days are definitely not fun to deal with. I plan on posting a 21-day mindset/stress management program so you can follow starting on Monday, July 20th; that way you can utilize some of the tools before the kiddos go back to school (fingers crossed!) These will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages so make sure you follow!

Here’s to an Amazing Friday tomorrow! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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