Monday, 07.21.14

More Barbell…
Courtesy of Lisbeth Darsh

More barbell, less drama.
More cheering, less silence.
More warm-up, less wandering around like you’re warming up.
More coaching, less yapping.
More focus, less allowing yourself to be distracted.
More full-assed, less half-assed.
More good choices, less settling.
More doing, less complaining.
More achievement, less excuse-making.
More grip, less chalk.
More sacrifice, less ego.
More heart, less apathy.
More confidence, more weight, more PRs. Less fear.
More life, more love, more better, more best, more CrossFit …

Here’s to a Whoop Ass week! Get your butt to the box and let’s get to work on More Barbell!!

Friday night…Pool Party…7:30-9pm…Memorial Pool! Hope you can make it!

Have a great week everyone!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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