Tuesday, 9.2.14

attitudes contagious

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”~Mark Twain

A new month has started…have you started it off right? No more excuses, get ahead by starting now! Tell yourself that you WILL go to workout on Tuesday…Tell yourself that you WILL eat better…Tell yourself that you WILL hydrate better…Tell yourself that you WILL be Better Than Yesterday! If you WILL it to happen, it WILL happen! Positive Attitudes are Contagious…Is Yours Worth Catching?? Make it a Great day, CFU fam!

See Schedule Update post for some class changes; there will be a note at the box concerning a couple of the classes.

****NEW SHIRT ORDER is up! Orders are due by FRIDAY! Payment will be due upon arrival of the shirts. Next week I will be putting up the CFU WODFest shirt order for volunteers and if you want a “regular” shirt like the competitors are receiving, you may order one of those as well. (If you signed up for the competition, you will receive a shirt, so don’t sign up for another one 😉 )

WODFest sign-up-We now have 16 teams signed up; as of last night we have 3 RX men’s slots left and 4 Scales women’s slots left; plenty of room in the other divisions to sign up.  I would like to encourage the parents to sign up your kids for the competition; we have 3 different divisions-4-7, 8-11, 12-15. Cost is only $5 and they will get to WOD 2x and receive a water bottle and medal 🙂 The WOD’s will be basic body weight movements and all workouts will be explained. For the younger kids we are allowing a parent or judge to help out the kids. So think about it and get your kiddo signed up 🙂

WODFest HELP!! We need volunteers and sponsors for the event! If you can volunteer, please sign up on the board that is on the card table. In my office on the bulletin board (to the left) is a list of sponsors that we need to contact to help sponsor the event; do you know anyone at these establishments? A portion of the proceeds will be going to the Samaritan Center and we have forms on the glass case if you would like to help out. We would like Sponsor confirmation by mid-September so we can get the logos to the shirt company. Thanks for any help you can give to CrossFit Unstoppable’s WODFest! This all benefits CFU and the Samaritan Center so any bit of help is appreciated (and as Andi says, you will receive good Karma 😉 )

POOL PARTY @ Reese and Cindy Thompson’s house! Saturday, Sept. 13th from Noon -5pm…3100 Citadel Ct…Our hosts will be serving up salmon (if you went last year-YUMMO!) and burgers and some beer and wine. If you wish to attend (families are welcome!), we are asked to bring a dish or dessert and BYOB if you don’t care for beer and wine. Thanks to the Thompson’s in advance for hosting this again this year! 🙂 Hopefully a bunch of CFU peeps can make it!

NEW Top5 and PR Boards are UP! Anytime you have a PR in September, put it on the board and celebrate with a ((((GONG))))! Let everyone know in the class that you made something happen that day! 🙂  If you need to be placed on the Top 5 board, write a note to ANDI and leave it on my desk and she will change it. Take a look at the board and if you know you should be up there, again, write a note and ANDI will get it changed or put your name up there. Happy PR’ing!

ROWING CHALLENGE in September…This is for Calories and there is a board in the mobility area to help log your calories; shoot for 50 calories extra per day you are at the box. Calories during warmups and WOD’s count (approximately 150m is 10 cals depending on your rowing capabilities 😉 ) Take this time to burn some extra calories AND get more efficient at it! And mark it on the board if you can remember!

LOGGING your workouts…The trainers will be encouraging you to write down your strength and WOD times in some sort of log book; some people have used regular spiral notebooks, journals, or day planners. There is a sheet on the glass case that will help you with some of the bench marks and your weights on strength.

FREE MONTH for Police Officers, Firefighters, Highway Patrol, County Sheriff Dept., and Military for the month of September! If you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please have them contact me! They MUST sign up through the website or give me a call! This is a one time deal so I’m hoping there are some of these personnel will take advantage and eventually become CFU members! Spread the word!! 🙂

Strength: Weighted walking lunges-2KB or BB in front rack-3×8 each leg (Advanced strength will be the same as the regular WOD) 


2013 CrossFit Games 13.2 Workout

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

5 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75 * 10 Deadlifts 115/75 *  15 Box Jumps 24/20

Adv: 30 burpee*50 cal row*50 pull-up*50 wallball 20/14*50 Snatch 95/65*30 burpee

TECS: Partner hill sprints 10x Partner holds plank or hollow rock(sprint is from curb to mailbox and back)

Have a Great one!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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