Athletes of the Month – June

june athletes 

Colette Tellman 

 Age: 57 

Widowed  Children/grandchildren: 3 daughters, Erin Kliethermes, Vanessa Stuckenschneider & Amanda Keilholz and 4 grandchildren. Plus 3 step-children and 10 step-grandchildren. Employment: retired from the state and now working part time as the parish secretary for St. Joseph Church in Westphalia for fun. I started the Masters class the first of November, 2014 after I realized I couldn’t pick up my youngest grandkids up off the floor. I had watched Amanda compete once and it intimidated me. But I knew how she got stronger and leaner, so I took the leap of faith and took the 101 class in March. When I started the nutrition challenge in May I really got down to business and got serious. What I like best about CrossFit is the variety. Every wod is different so you don’t get bored with working out. The encouragement I get from the other athletes to push that extra little bit is so motivating. And best of all, I have made some wonderful friends.

Matt Chick

I’m 38, single waiting for the one. Lol. I like long walks on the beach. Jk. I’m a field superintendent for Questec mechanical out of Columbia. I’ve worked there over 17 years. Two years ago is when I got the leadership role and put my tools away. That’s when I knew I had to stay in shape somehow. So, I’ve been doing CrossFit for 1 1/2 years and it’s my stress release, hobby, and addiction. Thanks for always pushin.


These two are diehard CrossFitters…the reasons for their success is their commitment to coming to the box on a consistent basis. Like Colette mentioned, she started with the Masters class and then wanted more and went for it! She has done an amazing job in the last several month! Keep it up, Colette!

Chick (Matt) is a beast…and one of THE best at CrossFit math! Evens! Long story, but I like razzing him about his counting skills 😉 He has worked hard with his technique and when he finds the right rope, he masters those DU’s!! Keep up the great work, Matt!


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