Tuesday 5.19.20

42 years old…Time to get
back to that kind of shape!
170# 15.1% bf 🙂

Why CrossFit?? Why not? 10 years ago I had never heard of CrossFit…I was continuing my weight loss journey that I had started December of 2009 where I weighed about 220# and felt like a slug. I was working out in my basement, lifting dumbbells three days a week and running on the treadmill three days a week. During the course of 7 months I had dropped about 40#, yeah! But I was in a funk and was bored with the mundane routine.

In CrossFit, we say that routine is the enemy. Do constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity and you will get fit! Boy did it ever! Before discovering CF through a great friend, I weighed around 180# and my body fat was 25%…8 weeks of CrossFit and the occasional 5K I was down to a solid 170, BUT the body fat was 15.1%! I was ecstatic! I finally found an exercise program that was FUN and it got me phenomenal results.

Why am I telling you this? Because this is the time that people are thinking about the summer season and wearing that swimsuit…Back then before I had my results, you couldn’t catch me in a swimsuit unless I had a t-shirt over it…After my initial CrossFit results, I had my sister-in-law do a photo shoot of me in a bikini-WHAT?? Yep, a bikini, I was 42 years old and I finally felt good about the way I looked and I wanted to show it off of some sorts. I’m 52 now, wore a bikini down in Mexico when I traveled with my husband for my 50th birthday…I want to be there again (in that kind of shape AND on a beach!)

Today, I got on the scale and like many people was dissatisfied with the number staring back at me. Grrrr…I’ve let my fitness and nutrition slide a bit with all of the happenings with life and our current situation, but that’s no excuse…I KNOW how to take care of myself, I KNOW how to eat right, and I KNOW how to get back to that “swimsuit state of mind”! And I want to help you, too!

What are your goals? We can help you at CrossFit Unstoppable! Just book an appointment with myself or one of the other trainers and we can get you started on your transformation journey! It took me about a year before I was finally happy with how I looked…don’t make the same mistake and start too late – Start today by booking an appointment! You won’t be sorry!

Here’s to swimsuit weather! 🙂 We CAN do this!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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