December Deal for CrossFit Unstoppable!



December Deal!

Had a few people take advantage of the Black Friday deal and I’m super excited for them…

Who’s ready to start early on their New Year’s Resolutions??? Well, here’s your chance…

$39.99 for the CF101 THEN pay ONLY the elapsed time of the month for the rest of the month…Meaning, If you take the class on the 7th, you only pay $7 for unlimited for the rest of the month. If you schedule a separate 101 class say on the 10th, you pay the 39.99 + 10…SO, the earlier you schedule your class, the more money you save! (Max it will cost you is $75 for December-regular price is $99). Regular CF101 classes are scheduled on December 7th and 14th from 11am-1.

Want to change your life?? Call today!!

Remember, you MUST go through the CF101 classes before transitioning into the traditional classes; unless of course you have been training at another affiliate.


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