February Athletes of the Month!

athletes of month

Yes, I know it’s almost the end of March, but February went by so quickly! Better late than never right?? February’s athletes of the month are Seth, Norma, and Stacy! Just wanted to point out that these guys were at the box 20+ days in February and have really worked hard setting a great example on being Better Than Yesterday! Keep up  the great work! 🙂 Congrats you three!

Name:  Stacy Lammers
Age:  42
Occupation:  Dept. of Social Services, Family Support Division-Eligibility Specialist Supervisor.
How long at CFU:  Since Sept.  2014.
Favorite Movements:  Deadlift (it takes less coordination) and I’m really trying to like burpees.
Least Favorite Movements:  Snatches and OHS.
What I like most about CFU:
About six months ago I emailed Coach asking if I could come watch a class so I could find out if Crossfit was something I thought I could do.  I quickly became terrified, because she responded saying I could come participate and I would know that it was something I could do.  I was so scared to walk into that first class that I almost gave up before I even tried.  Now I regularly attend the D&E class and I’m so glad I was able to gather the courage to walk through that door.  There are many things that I like about CFU, but the best thing is the friends I have made in such a short amount of time.  The trainers and fellow Crossfitters have been super supportive from day one.   The instruction and encouragement you receive at CFU is so unique compared to other gyms I have belonged to.   I appreciate the help I get from everyone.  I have gained many things through Crossfit…strength, endurance, mobility, self-confidence and many friends.  I may never be the strongest or the fastest, but every day I feel like I’m making improvements.  Each time I finish a workout, I am surprised at what I have accomplished.  Thank you Coach for not letting me watch a WOD!
Seth Wigle
Age: 32 years young

Married to my beautiful, supporting, amazing, smoking hot, wife Chelsea
I have two kids, Landon who is 5 and rocks crossfit kids, and Brooklyn who is 2 in June
I work as a School Resource Officer for the Jefferson City Police Department.  I am also on the departments SWAT team.
I have been doing Crossfit for 2 years in May, and have had my level 1 coaching certificate since June of 2014.  What I love most about CFU and Crossfit in general is all of the awesome people that I get to wod with every day, and all of those that push me to be better and achieve amazing fitness goals.  I am absolutely in the best shape of my life, and can thank CFU and all of the encouragement and pushing from others and coaches for my fitness level.  It is hard to understand how important other people are to push you and encourage you when you work out.  I had always tried to stay fit, but had never been half as successful as I have been with Crossfit, and it’s because of the people.  Not only have I become more fit than ever, but I have gained good friends and people I can enjoy life with outside of Crossfit as well, which is something I had never found from a regular gym.  I enjoy coaching all of the athletes as well and seeing people take their own journey and achieve things they never thought would be possible.  I look forward to many more years of woding and coaching and making life long friends.

Norma Dearixon, 42

Children:  Bryan (wife Keely) – 26,  Amanda- 25 & Cassie- 16

Granddaughters:  Sydnee- 7 (Amanda’s) & Brynlee – 2 (Bryan & Keely)

Employment:  Manger with Missouri Department of Revenue, 21 years

Began CrossFit Unstoppable:  November/December 2012 (HA – nothing is ever simple with me :))

Favorite Movements:  WallBall Sit-ups, WallBalls, Burpees, Cleans, Thrusters, & Bear Complex

How has CrossFit Unstoppable(CFU)/CF helped me?  Since I joined CFU, I have come out of my quiet little shell/comfort zone I once lived in, being my mom’s caregiver it helped me deal with the her passing away by filling a void, I learned how to take care of myself by exercising and my food choices along with losing some major weight and inches, it has been a great stress reliever and what I call my mental therapy, I have gained so many new friendships and a community of people that share the love of CF.

 One of my most favorite things I love about CFU is that it offers a place for preschool age up to 70+ year old individuals a place to come to for fitness.  It’s you vs you and what matters the most is that YOU came and YOU did it. CFU also offers options for the more competitive and elite athletes.  It’s real simple, CFU is a place for ANYONE, and that’s what I love about the place that it’s not limited it’s limitless!

Being my mother’s caregiver, CFU gave me the opportunity to continue to help people in ways that if you had asked me 3 years ago if I could do what I’m doing I would have answered no.  It’s amazing where life takes you.

I appreciate the encouragement from the trainers and athletes because when I don’t think I have anymore to give & I hear my name or “you got this”, it gives me that extra boost. I also love to give that encouragement right back because I know what it does for me.

 As I said in a FB post recently, I am at CFU most days of the week.  Some people have hobbies of fishing, hunting, sewing, reading, shopping, & cooking, mine has become CF.  I really enjoy the atmosphere at CFU and the opportunity to be “Better than Yesterday”. Thank you all for being you and welcoming me in the CFU family because I really love and enjoy what I “get to” do & your friendships.

 I will end with saying that I’m very thankful for my sister’s CFU 101 invitation in November 2012. I believe it’s improved my health tremendously and taken me places I would have never experienced otherwise. It’s a blessing to be able to CF with her and share the passion of something we both love to do.


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