FitAid Purchases…

Hey guys and gals, usually I’m upbeat and positive, but I’m gonna have to lay the law down on the FitAid…Monday I received the new shipment and re-stocked the fridge full. As of Monday afternoon I have taken out $ to cover 7 FitAids…there were 21 gone this morning when I re-stocked. I sure hope the 14 that are not accounted for are from “punch card” members (though I only have a few). Please remember that those recovery drinks are NOT free.
I don’t mind having you sign the paper for an IOU, but pay it off in a timely manner or buy a punch card ($22/10) so you only have to carry the card and mark off when you remove from the fridge.

I believe in this drink and its benefits to the members and I don’t wanna go All Belinda on ya so please be honest with the FitAid.

That is all…Have a great rest of your Hummmmmpppp Day! 🙂



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