Friday, 03.14.14

HAPPY FRIDAY!! So glad the weekend is here!

14.3 and Box Party TONIGHT(Friday) starting at 6:30pm. Jerry will be there between 6&6:30 taking pizza orders/money o if you want in, bring your dough 😉
Volleyball and party after all the deadlifting and box jumping is done! BYOB and other snacks if you’d like. Kids and significant others are welcome as well. Hope to see lots of y’all there…

Other announcements:

We will start at 1:30 to make sure there is enough time for questions prior to the WOD. If you are a newer member and haven’t heard the “eat clean” spiel, try to make time for this!

If you didn’t see the pull-up post below, check it out…by the beginning of May, I’m sure we will have some people doing some pull-ups! I’m excited for everyone! I and a couple other gals started this morning…do a “pre-test” to see how high you can make it to the bar without flailing your legs or kipping…then start the program next week or this week if you’d like. Re-test every two weeks to monitor your progress. This is strictly voluntary and is to be done outside of class (would work best right after class; if you can function!). Good Luck!!

There will also be an April challenge coming up so be looking for that as well. Looking forward to everyone working towards being better than yesterday!!

SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have ANY type of shoe that is just sitting around in your closet and you don’t wear them anymore, bring them to the box for our “Shoes for Spring” drive…I had a goal of 50 prs and I believe we are there, so the next goal is 100 pairs. All of the shoes are going to be donated to a local charity-Hope for Caribbean Kids.  The collection of ANY type of shoes will go on through the month of March. (just no holes or dirty shoes).

Enjoy your Friday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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