Friday, 09.11.15


 Do you remember where you were when you first heard about the terrorists attacks? I do…I was making copies for one of my classes at Eldon Middle School. It was during my conference period and there was a big screen tv in the teacher’s lounge and I couldn’t get over the fact that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I was watching it LIVE when the 2nd plane crashed…my heart sunk and all I wanted to do was go and be with my family. Kelcee was just at the age where she could understand some things, and it was hard getting through that time. I remember going to K-Mart to buy an American flag as were lots of other people…out of stock. I remember how our nation came together during that horrific time and now 14 years later we are a nation divided in my opinion. I’m not going to get up on my soapbox or anything, but I will mention that the power of prayer works…I ask that you all not only attend this Remembrance WOD, but also pray for our nation because it is NEEDED! In fact, everyone needs prayers, so throw up a few here and there for specific people in your CFU family! God Bless!

9/11 – Remembrance WOD – watch this for some inspiration….then show up for this

“We Will Remember” WOD

  • Row/Run 2001 meters

Then 11 reps of the following:

  • Box Jumps (36″/24″)
  • Thrusters (#125/85)
  • Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-ups
  • Power Cleans (#175/120)
  • Handstand Push-ups
  • Kettlebell Swings (#70/53)
  • Toes to Bar
  • Deadlifts (#170/120)
  • Push Jerk (#110/75)
  • Row (or Run) 2001 meters

The workout itself is completely symbolic of 9/11. The 2001 meter row represents the year the attack took place. The 11 reps of 9 exercises represents the date (9/11). Even the weights have meaning.

The 125 pound thrusters represents the number of deaths that occurred at the Pentagon. The 175 pound power clean symbolizes the AA Flight 175 that hit the South Tower. The 170 pound deadlift is symbolic of Flight 77 and Flight 93 combined. And the 110 pound push jerk  represents the number of floors in each tower of the World Trade Center.

** During this tragic event many ordinary people rose to the occasion and sacrificed their life in an attempt to save others. That is what I love about coaching CrossFit, I love seeing ordinary people rise to the occasion and do things they never thought possible.  This WOD doesn’t look easy but it is a very small price to pay or go through compared to all the lives that were changed during this tragic day.

As with all WOD’s there will be many scaling options available for those that don’t think they can do the WOD as prescribed. Please do not let the WOD intimidate you; the WOD can be custom tailored for each individual.



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