How Can You Predict Your Future??

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” -Alan Kay

What a powerful set of words.

Eleven words that can shape your destiny. Eleven words that could mean the difference responding to life versus creating a life.

Think about it: What scene conjures in your mind when you consider this quote?

Do you think about the future like what is written history books or do you think about it for yourself, your future?

I think Alan meant it for oneself, to create your future you should invent it.

Write “your” history book so it will read the way you want it to.

Maybe your goals won’t be “grand” enough to be included in the actual history books… that doesn’t matter. The only history book that matters is your biography.

Make your life amazing by living each day with the understanding that you are literally “writing” your history.

Each day of your life will become a page in the book of “You.”

Then, when you are old and gray, write down all that “history” you created for yourself. (Who knows, it might even end up a best-seller.)

Write your own “history.” Create your biography as it happens, day by day, moment by moment. Aim to make your biography so exciting that others will want to read it.

Action: Get inventing. Like the inventor that creates a gadget in his workshop, you craft your present, past, and future through experimentation, tinkering, and putting in the work.

It’s up to YOU!


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