July Newsletter!

July newsletter


The first thing I would like to say is WELCOME to all of our new members from June: Katherine, Andrew, Brad, Pat, George, Chelsea, &  Brandy! We wish you LOTS of success at CrossFit Unstoppable! Remember, everyone is there to help you, so please ask questions so you can be Better Than Yesterday!

Secondly, every day you walk into CFU’s door, you know that you are going to have a trainer leading the class. I may be a little biased, but I believe we have some of the most knowledgeable, attentive, and caring trainers in the business. Below you will find out a little bit more about these amazing trainers/athletes/people 🙂

Name:  Andrea Niekamp

Family:  Dating an awesome guy!!!

Employment:  Columbia Public Schools – Deaf Education Teacher

Length of Time with CFU:  3 years and 7 months

Favorite Movement:  Back Squat or Overhead Squat

Least Favorite:  Do I really need to put this … Everyone already knows running is the devil!

Why did I want to be a trainer:  I wanted to push people out of their comfort zone and too place they once thought was unreachable.  I wanted to help people see what hard work can get you!

Advice for Members:  Listen to the coaches!   Always try something new, even if it is hard!


Name: Britt Treece

Spouse: Kristy Kids: Clayton Occupation(s): Linux Systems Administrator / Web Design and Development / CrossFit Trainer

Years doing CF: …

Favorite CF Movement: Snatch

Favorite WOD: Any Total

Why you wanted to be a trainer: I enjoy learning new things about diet and exercise and sharing them with other people such that it might have a positive effect on their well-being.


Name: Chris Wilson

Family: Dating an Amazing gal!

Occupation: Full-time student (Dietetics)/CrossFit Level 1 Instructor/Bartender

Years doing CF: 2 ½ years

Favorite CF Movement: Squat Clean Least Favorite Movement: Pistols

Why you wanted to be a trainer: I’ve always loved working out and trying to be the best that I can be, so when I found CrossFit I wanted to be able to spread that passion to other people.


Fred Rosslan, my wife is Sarah and the kids are Natalie Mitchell and Lindsey. I have my own construction company, which should explain some of the times I’m covered in dirt when I show up to WOD. I have been at CFU for 3 years now. And I have been training for over a year. The reason I became a trainer was I wanted to help athletes of every size reach their goals. Sounds lofty right, but if you can see that look some get as they complete a lift right for the first time it’s amazing. And I wanted to hear some good music. My most favorite lift would be any squat. My least favorite is running. Finally my advice for any athlete, practice the lifts. Go to the clinics and don’t be afraid to fail. See if you never fail you won’t get better. What good is it to be first in a WOD at 1/3 your potential, when you could be last but give it everything you have. That’s the athlete I like to coach!


Chris aka White: An awesome girlfriend.

Work @ CCHD 3 years

Most:Mobility Least:Turkish getups.

To motivate people to change their lives.

Listen to what your body is telling you….and to never trust a fart on squat day!


Seth Wigle

Age: 32 years young

Married to my beautiful, supporting, amazing, smoking hot, wife Chelsea

I have two kids, Landon who is 5 and rocks CrossFit kids, and Brooklyn who is 2

I work as a School Resource Officer for the Jefferson City Police Department.  I am also on the departments SWAT team.

I have been doing Crossfit for just over two years , and have had my level 1 coaching certificate since June of 2014.

My favorite movement is the medicine ball clean, so glorious!

My least favorite movement is probably HSPU, simply because I need improvement on them…I truly look forward to working out every day.

What I love most about CFU and Crossfit in general is all of the awesome people that I get to wod with every day, and all of those that push me to be better and achieve amazing fitness goals.  I am absolutely in the best shape of my life, and can thank CFU and all of the encouragement and pushing from others and coaches for my fitness level.  It is hard to understand how important other people are to push you and encourage you when you work out.  I had always tried to stay fit, but had never been half as successful as I have been with Crossfit, and it’s because of the people.  Not only have I become more fit than ever, but I have gained good friends and people I can enjoy life with outside of Crossfit as well, which is something I had never found from a regular gym.  I enjoy coaching all of the athletes as well and seeing people take their own journey and achieve things they never thought would be possible.  I look forward to many more years of WODing and coaching and making life long friends.


Name:  David Rice

Family:  Wife Lacy Rice and Daughter Makenzie Rice

Place of Employment:  The Entertainer

How long have you been doing Crossfit:  almost 2.5 years

Favorite movements:  Snatch, Handstand Pushups, Muscle ups, and Rope Climbs

Least favorite movements:  Strict Press and Turkish Get Ups

Why you wanted to be a Crossfit Trainer:  I had awesome trainers when I started and wanted to become a trainer to hopefully help and motivate others.

Any advice for the CFU members:  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Failure can be a great thing because you can learn a lot from it.  Don’t be afraid to try heavy weights or work on things that your not good at.  Some days things might come easy other days things may not go great but as long as you put in the work progress can be made.  Set goals with every workout and don’t worry what others will think.  Have fun and compete with each other.


Carmen Blaise

Brock and I have been married 12 years.  We have two boys, Beau, age 10 and Gabriel, age 9. I have been a stay home mom since Beau was born. I started CrossFit in the spring of 2012.  I would put my boys to bed, then come to the 7:30PM class 3 nights a week.  I always finished last – I was so slow that the good athletes would finish and have time to recover completely before stepping in to help me finish my last round. I never felt bad about myself though.  I was always encouraged and just wanted to get better.  That summer I participated in my first nutrition challenge, started attending class 5 times a week and lost about 30 pounds.

My favorite movements in CrossFit are the gymnastic skills – handstands, parallettes, pull-ups.  I love any movement that takes balance and coordination, especially the Snatch.  My least favorite is rowing, running more than 200 meters and the Deadlift.  The Deadlift is so boring….just pick up the heavy bar.  Can I do a handstand pirouette first, and then pick up the bar?

I wanted to be a CrossFit Trainer because I wanted to know all of the insider secrets and because I thought a weekend with no kids, dedicated completely to learning about CrossFit sounded heavenly.   I was right!  Norma and I had a great time and learned so much!  And for the record, all of the insider secrets are on the crossfit.com website, available to anyone. Coach Greg Glassman lays it all out there for anyone who is interested.  Crossfit.com is an invaluable resource.

I was very nervous to start coaching and I am still learning and making plenty of mistakes (I have a hard time with the clock and radio), but I love studying the lifts, and learning proper technique and drills to make each movement easier and more teachable.  It is very important to me that our athletes use the proper form.  Even during the warm up and even if it means you go slower during the WOD.  You’ll be stronger and faster in the long run and most importantly, you will be free of injury.

My advice for CFU members is to take advantage of the extras that are offered.  Go to the TEC WOD with Jen Nicklas and learn to run correctly. I promise it’s mostly drills…she is not going to make you run a 5K!  And it really does hurt less when you are doing it right.  Go to the Barbell Classes with Britt and learn proper lifting technique.  These are not for the serious, hard core athletes.  They are for the regular folks, the moms and dads. We all need extra, more focused practice.  Learn to run correctly and never have shin splints again.  Learn how to deadlift correctly so you don’t have a sore lower back.

Thank you to the CFU Family for the never ending encouragement as I step outside my comfort zone to

teach others.  I am grateful.


Name: Norma Dearixon                                              

Family:  3 children; Bryan, Amanda and Cassie; 2 grandchildren; Sydnee and Brynlee

Place of Employment: Department of Revenue and CFU

How long have you been doing CF: November 2012

Why you wanted to be a CF trainer: I’ve always had a passion for helping no matter what the job was that needed to be done. Since November 2012, I have gone through a transformation & have a story to tell that I believe can help others. I love encouraging athletes and pushing them

to be better than yesterday but also helping them learn the technique of the movements. I have wanted this for over a year and having Coach believe in me that I was ready for my Level 1 Cert just sealed the deal and checked off a 2015 goal!

Any advice for the CFU members:  The sooner you put the nutrition part in play with CrossFit the easier it will get and the faster the results will come. Always remember the seasoned athletes at CFU didn’t learn these movements overnight, so have patience. We all continue to improve on our lifts, gymnastic movements and running.  When you think you can’t go any faster, any longer or any heavier – just try it – because you know deep down it’s just a mind game! Walk out of the box each & every time knowing you gave all you had to give!



 Name: Jen Nicklas

Family: My incredible loving and supportive husband, Brandon aka “Richard” or “Princess”, and my two reasons for bettering myself daily, Noah and Eli.

Place of Employment: Ummm….One Eleven Academy. Lol.

How long have you been doing CF: 3 years and some change

Favorite/Least favorite movements of CF: Least fave….rowing. Fave….running….that counts as a movement, right????  If not, I do love burpees.

Why you wanted to be a CF Endurance Trainer: I wanted to share my passion and love for running with others. My hope is that I might help at least one other person to believe in themselves and through proper form, technique and practice, they too, can take that first step to love (…ok, at least like…) running.

Any advice for the CFU members: Always believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. If you can just keep pushing yourself to do one more rep, run one more step, one more of whatever it is that is challenging you, then you have succeeded in becoming better than yesterday!!!  CF is more than just a workout, it’s believing in yourself and fighting for what you want and crushing those goals you once thought impossible. CrossFit is simply believing in the power of you. And, no worries, if you ever stop believing, you have an entire box of members and trainers who have your back and believe in you always.


Name: Debbie Rosslan – aka “Coach” or “Belinda”

Family: Husband-Jerry (he’s a jack of all trades and has helped build (literally) CFU!) Children: Kelcee-21, Lizzie-18, and Luke-12…These 4 are my Rocks and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

Place of Employment: The Box 🙂 (and occasionally subbing at Trinity or Blair Oaks during my free time); I’m also going to be coaching the Varsity Volleyball team at Trinity this fall!

How long CrossFitting: Since July 2010 when I first discovered it online…my friend in Alabama took a foundations class and I looked into it thinking it would be something good for my PE classes to do, little did I know I would be “here” today!

Favorite movements: KB and lifts where I can go heavy; running when I’m able :/

Least Favorite: gymnastic movements because I need work

I wanted to become a CF Trainer because of my desire to help others; back in 2010, I went through a Transformation where I lost 53# and around 45” and I wanted to use the information that I learned from that to help others. I had no intention of opening up a business…heck I didn’t (and still really don’t) know anything about setting up a business! I started small with some boot camps for the Trinity moms, then word spread and I got some “outsiders” involved-you know who you are! There are still a handful of my bootcampers who are still with CFU today and I’m so grateful for them! CFU’s affiliation was approved in October of 2011 and we opened on November 28, 2011; we had 3 classes-a dark and early 5:30am then I went to school to teach, coached after school until 5 then did the 5:30/6:30 classes. We stayed at the “baby box”(roughly the size of the mobility carpet area!) for 7 weeks then moved into the “Otke building” in January 2012-lots more room! In April of 2012, I came to the realization that I could not continue at the pace I was going with my schedule so I resigned my teaching/coaching position to be full-time at CFU—this was scary because you never know what is going to happen! I relied on faith to carry me through…in December 2012 at the Christmas party, we announced that we were moving into the “Monster Box” in January of 2013; we have been here since. Not only has this move helped bring more people into CrossFit, it has also helped local ball teams, the Special Olympics, and soon to be Boys and Girls Club. Everything happens for a reason and as long as I keep following His lead, we are Golden! Faith is where it’s at…Believe and ye shall receive!

Advice for members: Don’t miss more than 2 days straight of CF if at all possible; your mind can play horrible tricks on you where you will tell yourself that it’s just not worth it. You ARE worth it! Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help during the workout whether it be work on a movement or advice on nutrition; we are all there to help one another! And finally, BELIEVE in yourself! You are stronger and more capable of doing things than you think! I wish I could record everyone’s first WOD to where you are today—BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!! Keep on Keepin’ On CFU Family!


So there you have it…11 looks into who your trainers are! 🙂



  • WODFest Volunteer sheets are up on the “bacon board”; if you can lend a hand on Friday night Oct. 23rd or Saturday, Oct. 24th, please sign up! All volunteers who are assisting with WODFest will be provided an “Official Volunteer” shirt –sign up is on the board as well. Also on the board is a Sponsor List; take a look at the list and see if you have any contacts at these locations and possibly volunteer to request their sponsorships-$100 for logo; $75 for name only. We will have sponsor forms soon. We are looking at testing out the workouts in late July then opening up the registration process on August 1st so…the more volunteers we have to sign up, the easy this whole process will be! We had a VERY successful event last year and I look forward to bringing the CF community another great competition at CFU in October!
  • July Challenge is PULL-UPS and ABS (yep more abs bc we NEED it!) Papers will be available late Wednesday or Thursday
  • We will begin a Back Squat Series on Monday July 6th (this will be a 3x per week-6wk cycle). This will be posted later this week.
  • BARBELL will be on TUESDAYS @ 5:30pm starting July 7th!! We are going to see if we can get more participation for this VALUABLE class!
  • TEC WOD’s (instructor led) will be Tuesday, July 14th @ 5:15am and Tuesday, July 28th @ 5:30pm.
  • July Check In Give Back Charity is the Jefferson City HALO Foundation. Every 5 checkins by CFU athletes via Facebook will result in $1 being donated to this organization. Remember that this is free for you and the kids are the ones who will get to reap the rewards!
  • Bring a Friend Saturdays! EVERY Saturday in July, you can bring a friend for FREE…IF that Friend signs up for August Foundations/membership, you will receive a $20 CFU Gift Certificate! So who are you going to bring??
  • Show-Me State Games! Saturday, July 18th 10am—Those planning on going as of today are Jimmy, Lauren, Kristen, Taylor, Garrett, and Coach; we would appreciate any support that day!
  • Monday, July 13th @ 6:30pm-Bunco at JulieH’s house in Wardsville! If you need more information, check with Julie or myself! Should be a good time 🙂
  • CF Kids/JrKids in July-NO CFKids in July…There WILL be JrKidsFit on July 6th, 13th and 20th. Regular CFKids will resume on Monday, August 3rd at 9:30am – we will go to a “school schedule” once school begins –tentative NEW times on Mondays/Thursdays will be CFKids 4:30-5pm, JrKids 5-5:30.
  • Ahead in August…Kicks in the Sticks Run for the HALO Foundation – Saturday Aug. 8th at Binder. Saturday, August 15th-CFU Float Day-more info up at the box. TBA-Friday Night Lights –“Butt Kickin’s, Beer and BBQ”
  • Refrigerator: if you noticed, it has been moved; this is for water, FitAid and soon to be protein nutrition bars via RXBars. Please make sure to make proper payment of these items; more information on the bars to come once they come in later this week or next week. I’ve tried them and they are delicious!
  • Auto withdrawals…please keep in mind that payments are due on the 1st of each month and that if you wish to change your membership, I need to know in writing by the 25th of the month. Sorry for the confusion on this month for some of you!
  • Payments for FitAid, Shirts, etc…Please continue to use the post-it notes to write out what the payment is for and slide under my door…because of the humidity, the envelopes are self-sticking! So I took them out of the basket.
  • We WILL have a Crazy WOD this Saturday 7/4 and a regular WOD at 9am!
  • An article I came across from CrossFit Steele…
  • Keeping your Hands Healthy 7/1/2015 “There’s a few things I hate to hear more from a member than, “I had to scale some workouts this week because my hands tore.” There’s nothing like needing to alter your training schedule because of a few poor decisions in typically less than a 20 minute time span, and, oh yea, your ego. Unless you’re getting paid to compete, there is no reason to work through the point of tearing to where it derails your training for the upcoming days. To help decrease the likelihood of tearing during a workout, consider; -Learning how to properly grip a barbell, kettlebell and pull up bar. -Chalk is not magic. If your hands and the bar are dry, you just want to apply a dusting of chalk, if any. I mean, so little that you look at your hands, and you may not be able to tell that you just put chalk on them. If your hands and/or the barbell contain a lot of moisture, you just want to apply a dusting of chalk to help with your grip. Where many go wrong, is 90 seconds later, you slather on more chalk. At this point, you’re creating the perfect storm for friction, and tears. A little chalk may be beneficial, too much chalk will lead to tearing. -Use a towel to dry your hands during a workout, not more chalk. Ideally, you should be proactive with your hand care and a small amount of maintenance can have great benefits. You want your hands to be smooth; removing rough and lumpy skin will decrease the likelihood of tearing your hands. A pumice stone, a PedEgg, or a corn/callus shaver after a shower when your skin is soft will pay great dividends. Leather hand grips or gloves are another option to consider. These may take some time getting comfortable using, but can help tremendously if used properly. If you do CrossFit long enough, there will come a time when tears will happen; caring for them properly at this point can save you a lot of time, and pain. First, clean it with soapy water, hydrogen peroxide or iodine. If it’s a small tear, or blister, keep the top layer of skin intact. On the other hand, if it’s a large tear, you will want to remove that torn piece of skin with sterilized scissors. The final step is to keep it covered and moist. You can use some kind bandage, with Vitamin E or sterilizing ointment to help keep it clean and moist. The moisture will keep it from becoming dry, and likely cracking and slowing the healing as you start to use your hand. I also recommend New-Skin as a good alternative for a tear. It includes anti-bacterial qualities and creates a synthetic skin to help protect the tear, and speed healing. As with most health issues, the key is to be proactive. Take good care of your hands to limit the tears, and allow youself to continue to train on your own terms.”I’m sure I’ve missed something, but that’s all folks for now! Make sure you refer to the calendar for upcoming events AND the blog for daily announcements! That’s the only real way of getting announcements out…Be in the Know! Keep being awesome and have a Great July!! 🙂


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