Monday, 02.10.14


To everyone thinking about signing up for the CF Games Open, please do so! As of today (Sunday), we have 13 registered…my affiliate roster needs to have Amber, Britt, Carmen, ChrisWilson, Dan, Fred, Gary, Huck, Fuzzy, Jared, Jayme, JZ, Jennie, JohnS, LacyK, LacyR, MattW, MattC, MikeK, MollyB, NicoleB, NicoleJ, Priscilla, Reese, Sam, Shana, Stacey, Steve…AND MORE if you are willing!

Now, just because your name isn’t up there doesn’t mean you CAN’T sign up…I’ve put these names on here because I KNOW they are capable of lifting and competing within the framework of the games based on their progress in the last few months. So PLEASE don’t think you are being left out…Register and SURPRISE yourself and others on what you CAN do! Heck I registered and I’m going to be screwed when they program T2B or pullups or that 95# overhead weight…it’s about what you CAN do and I WANT TO COMPETE! to register…Let’s fill CFU’s roster!

The Games begin on Friday, February 28th at 6:30pm. We will also have a scaled division for those interested…the signup for that is at the box over by the kiosk!

Monday’s WOD will be kinda different…putting in some WOD’s you may have missed due to the snow days last week! Don’t want you to miss out on the fun!!


5:15am 🙂

EMOM Suck Bucket

Every minute on the minute (for 10 min): 2 suck bucket work movements

overhead walking lunge (plate), sumo deadlift

8 rounds of: 10 reps of overhead walking lunge (plate) at 45/25 lb 5 reps of sumo deadlift high-pull at 75/45 lb run


8:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

squat clean, front squat

Every minute on the minute (for 10 min): 1 rep of squat clean 2 reps of front squat

Thrusters, plank, and Shuttle run

7 rounds of: 12 reps of thruster at 75/55 lb 9 reps of plank mountain climbers medicine ball shuttle run at 20/14 lb

 Happy Monday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!



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