Pull-up Progression Chart


Attached (I hope!) is a pull-up progression chart that I found via Chris Stroud and it is pretty simple to follow based on where you are starting from. You pick the phase you are at now, then move up from there. As long as you put in the work, this will work for you. I debated on putting it on a calendar, but this allows you the freedom to pick the days of the week you will do this work.


July Abs-Here you go, sorry it’s late! I know it is the same as it’s been before, but it WORKS!! 🙂 Print it out so you have it on hand!

Pull-up progressions – Copy down where you need to start and go from there…I expect to see some pullups by the end of the month from a LOT of you!!

So there you go…two things you can work on this month to make you BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!! If you have any questions about any of these, just ask…And…Get Busy Getting Better!




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