September Newsletter

September newsletter – Click here to get what’s going on at CFU! 🙂 Trying out a new look; hope it opens up right!!

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Since it wasn’t very phone compatible, here is the gist of the newsletter 🙂

September Fundraiser cause…ABLE Learning center

During the month of September, CrossFit Unstoppable athletes have the chance to help out the ABLE Learning Center here in Jefferson City. ABLE was established in 1985 with the goal of promoting literacy in JC and the surrounding communities. With ABLE, participants are offered classes and tutors to aid in their reading literacy.

I found out that ABLE is collecting BOOKS and funds to aid in their funding of this much needed program; Please consider donating your books this month!



Labor day schedule

Note time changes…

On Monday, Sept. 7th there will be two classes only…6:30am and 9am! Let’s fill the box at both times CFU athletes!



*9/11 Remembrance WOD…Friday be prepared to work hard to honor the fallen.

*Saturday Crazy WOD’s continue every Saturday morning at 7:30am; these WOD’s are geared towards the more advanced athletes who have been with CFU 6 months or more. They are also put out there to get one out of their comfort zones and do things you never thought imaginable!!

*Tuesdays/Thursdays: Athletes are given three options for WOD’s; we have the regular WOD, TEC (technique, endurance, cardio) and the Advanced WOD. All are designed to mix things up a little bit at CFU! We also have CFU Barbell on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm where you can learn to lift the RIGHT way via Britt! Check the September calendar though as there are some days where BB will be cancelled this month. Wednesday brings something different as well where athletes can participate in the Dumbbell WOD (DB WOD)…try it sometime 😉

*CFU WODFest-Saturday, Oct. 24th beginning 8am! Our next meeting will be on Sunday, Sept. 13th at 4:30pm @ McAlister’s. I’m proud to say that we have several CFU athletes signed up this year!

*Pullup Progression Clinic: SUNDAY, Sept. 27th @ 2pm prior to the regular WOD; come in and see how you can get stronger on your pull-ups in October!!

*CFU Social Night Out! Friday, Sept. 25th – 7pm – meet at Mi Tolteca (off Rt C) for dinner then Cosmic Bowling @ 9pm.

*Keep in mind that the website on occasion will have important announcements that pertain to the box, so please check it often!

*FitAid, Water, and Bars Purchases…Please, Please, Please place the appropriate funds in the cups or mark your name on the sheet when getting your stuff. I do not want to have to go to a “card swiper” as this will mean things would have to be more expensive L I want to keep things at minimal cost to you!

*If you are in need of a smaller bar (15#), they are located behind the platforms in the barbell area. Since we now have 8-35# ladies bars, we needed to make some more room! J

*CROSSFIT KIDS AND JR KIDSFIT CHANGES…Because of my volleyball schedule, I am going to have to go back to the 4-4:30pm and 4:30-5pm class times. Sorry for the inconvenience – Also please watch the schedule for some possible additions to the kids programs! J Some Mondays may be a little chaotic because the Boys and Girls Club may still be in the building until 4pm

*Athletes of the Month-August: TBA in a blog post…They know who they are! J

*Please start locking your vehicles while at the box as there are several people who “wander” through the parking lot during business hours.

*September is going to be a great month so keep working hard, showing up, and getting better! You Are Worth It!







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