Thursday, 10.17.13

fearless Some of you may have heard already, but I will be having shoulder surgery on Wednesday morning to repair my rotator cuff and labrum. I’m praying it’s just minor, but this has been going on since March of 2012 and I have finally said enough is enough so I’m doing something about it. It will most likely be a long recovery process where I won’t be able to lift, but I’ll be back…

There may be a few schedule adjustments with times and we may have to cancel a couple of classes, but know that the trainers and I will do our best to offer the same schedule (this will mainly only affect the 8:30/noon classes). A little surgery won’t keep Belinda down! 😉

So as Wednesday approaches, please keep the doctor, nurses my family, and myself in your prayers! It is very much appreciated! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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