Transformation Thursday-Kim McDaniel


“My name is Kim McDaniel, I am 33 years old, and started in Coach Debbie’s Boot Camp in June of 2011 with my mom, Edith.  What can I say…I was hooked immediately!  Within the first month I had kicked my pack a day smoking habit and entered my first 5k.   My body and my self-confidence level completely changed and I felt great.   Over the past four years we have experienced many changes: Boot Camp to Crossfit, Baby Box to Big Box, Big Box to Monster Box, and more great memories, PRs, and ass-kicking’s than I can even begin to count!  But most of all I have gained a love of fitness and a whole lot of knowledge about how to live a healthy life.  

Debbie and Crossfit have completely changed mine and my family’s lives. I enjoy watching my girls make healthy choices because they see me making healthy choices and I love knowing that they will carry those habits with them the rest of their lives.”

I met Kim when I started coaching her daughter in club volleyball. I remember talking to her and Edith about nutrition and exercise and I think that’s when the seed was planted. Love these gals to death! I’ve especially loved how far Kim has come with her endurance levels! 

Keep setting a great example for your girls and doing what’s best for YOU! 


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