Transformation Tuesday-Edith Verslues

What a Blessing this lady has been to me! So very thankful that she showed up at my house back in the day and then kept coming back! Edith is the perfect example of one who never gives up and shows that if you set your mindset right, you can accomplish great things!
Edith is my Hero and I’m sure she is a hero to many others as well! Keep doing amazing things, Edith! 🙂

Edith’s Story…
May 2011 I was a two year breast cancer survivor. I went to a 6 month check-up with my Oncologist and frankly I left there scared. Even though I had been going to the Y faithfully for 8 years I was headed the wrong direction. All my numbers were up – weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. I realize now I was on auto-pilot at the Y. I did the same thing every day and every week. Really the only thing I was accomplishing was rising early and going. At the time my granddaughter was playing on a club volleyball team that was coached by Debbie. Kim suggested I call Debbie about helping me as a personal trainer. As they say the rest is history. I look back at the notebook from that session and laugh. I couldn’t work out with a 15# dumbbell so I purchased 3# wrist weights and used the 10# weight. I thought I was going to die that first night when I left. I was barely able to walk up the steps and drive home. Debbie probably wondered if I would be back!
I am amazed by what I have accomplished with the help of Debbie and CFU. Yes l lost weight and inches but the strength and confidence I have gained mean so much more. For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete.
I consider CFU and its members to be my family. I love how you have all taken my brother Keith in as your own. CFU is not just a gym, you are not just a member, we are family and we genuinely care about each other. We respect each other’s goals and abilities and we are here to support and encourage.
It has been quite a journey! Personal trainer, boot camp babes, mini-box, little box and mega box. I thank God I had the courage to call Debbie. I believe God scared me just enough to motivate me. Thank you Coach for all you have done and continue to do for me. I am excited to see what the future holds for CFU!!



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