Transformation Tuesday-Katie Schlup

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Today’s Transformation Tuesday is my Aunt Katie and she’s the reason we have the Master’s class at CFU. Aunt Katie contacted me in December of 2012 asking if I did personal training or individual stuff because she didn’t think she could do the CrAzY stuff that I did…I said sure, let’s start with 2 days a week and go from there. We worked around her schedule and she faithfully came to her sessions and even came to the regular Christmas Eve class that year and did a partner WOD with the other Crazies! 😉 Come January of 2013, I got another inquiry from another gal and decided to put her and Katie together for their sessions and in February of 2013, the CFU Masters Class was born! So Thank You Aunt Katie for making that phone call, faithfully coming to your sessions and giving me the “Masters idea” hehe!

Katie explains a bit of what she can now do at her age…Remember folks, age IS really just a number! Katie is a true testimony of that in what she has been through. I am Blessed to call her Aunt and a CFU Member! 🙂


Next month will be my 2 year CrossFit anniversary.  My goal when I started was to increase my strength and mobility.   I’m not muscle bound but I am a lot stronger.  I can now get up from the floor without crawling to something and pulling up. Doing yard work does not leave me sore and stiff like it has in the past.  The added strength has helped me take care of my husband, who is in a wheel chair.  I like that the workouts are all planned for me and each workout is different.  When I go to the box I never know what I will be doing.  It could be swinging sledgehammers, flipping tires, CrossFit cards, a little weight lifting or whatever Coach has up her sleeve for me that day.  Before CrossFit my main exercising was walking on the treadmill so this new way of working out was very challenging and a little scary.  I soon found out I love it!  It is still very challenging but I look forward to working out with my CFU friends.  I wish I would have started this program before the age of 67!  Soon to be 69.   I am proud of my accomplishments in the CrossFit Masters class. CrossFit is really for everyone even us seniors.  Thanks Coach Debbie Rosslan for all your help and encouragement.


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