Tuesday, 03.17.15

four leaf clover

Green Day at CFU!! Also it’s Bring a Friend! Let them in on the fun you’re having 😉


Strength: Power clean + front squat 5×2+2 @80%

“Shamrock & Shenanigans”

4 Station EMOM for 4 rounds  (4-leaf clover 🙂 )


Doubleunders (singles/3 for score)

Jumping Lunges

10m sprints

Rest 2 minutes after each round

Scale is 3 rounds; score is total reps

TEC WOD: 4x1000m (2 Blvd loops-may have to re-route this 🙁 ) Rest 3 min in between efforts

Advanced WOD:


21 box jumps 24/20

15 bar facing burpees

9 squat cleans 135/95

Are you all keeping up on the ABS challenge for March?? The exercises are on the little board up front! Next month we’ll start up a Dual Challenge… 🙂

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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