Tuesday, 06.30.15

Raise your hand if you got a PR today! Great job to all of those who came in and got their total on… Especially the newer members to know exactly how much they can lift now!

Way to go!

When you come to the box on Tuesday you may see that I have rearranged a few things… Hopefully you can find your way around; thanks Norma for your help! 🙂

Hang Clean 4×3 @ 80%

Teams of 2:
100 KB (53/35) – Blvd Run
100 Wallballs (20/14) – Blvd Run
80 Burpees – Blvd Run
100 Wallballs – Blvd Run
100 KB (53/35) – Blvd Run
*one working at a time on movements; both do the Blvd run together
**Scale: ½ the reps with Praxair sign run

12 rounds: hills with a “twist”
Jog from “island curb” to back of cash loan building
Lunge 20 steps
jog back to curb
rest 1min between rounds (Scales: 10, 9, 8 rounds)

Advanced WOD
3 rounds
21 KB (70/53)
21 Burpees
Rest 1min between rounds


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